New Skyrim Trick Lets Players Avoid Fall Damage

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has been available for a decade, yet it is still quite popular. Bethesda is planning to release a new version of Skyrim later this year in the shape of the Anniversary Edition. Still, there are already plenty of Skyrim variants available for fans to enjoy while they wait for the new release.

Skyrim is a huge game with a plethora of hidden features and secret techniques that players may use to their advantage. Woebne, a Reddit user, has found a Skyrim hack that allows players to avoid incurring fall damage entirely. To pull it off, gamers must descend on an adversary and timing their blow perfectly to activate a Kill Camera. Kill Cameras in Skyrim are basically cinematic executions that allow players to have a closer look at the action when they kill an adversary, and they fully eliminate fall damage.


Granted, this Skyrim technique is situational and unlikely to be utilized frequently, but it’s still useful to know about. If Skyrim gamers ever find themselves in a scenario where they need to drop a long distance, and an opponent is hiding below, they should make a fast save and try to recreate what Woebne did in the video.

There are several additional hidden tactics in Skyrim that players may utilize to get an advantage in the game. The Skyrim method to obtain 100 Sneak right at the start of the game is one of the most useful. To accomplish so, players must assault Hadvar or Ralof while crouching in Helgen Keep, which will level up their Sneak skill and other skills over time. Hadvar and Ralof don’t fight back, which makes it rather easy to pull off.

Apparently killing people stops fall damage from skyrim

With the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition release just around the corner, it will be fascinating to see if Bethesda fixes any of the game’s remaining vulnerabilities. It’s conceivable that the no-fall damage technique or the exploit to reach Sneak 100 will be eliminated with Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, although nothing has been published to that effect as of this writing.

Bethesda has emphasized on the new material that will be added to Skyrim: Anniversary Edition rather than what will be removed with the upcoming release. There aren’t many specifics, but Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will include fishing as a new pastime for gamers to enjoy.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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