New Valorant Patch Unintentionally Made Omen Too Powerful That Riot Removed Him From Game Temporarily

Riot Games recently released a new Valorant patch, where they tweaked the game’s hit effects as well as nerfed Killjoy and Sage. One other thing that this new update has brought about is a very powerful Omen, although this was done unintentionally.

Players have recently discovered that Omen could be made invincible through the use of a simple glitch. If you haven’t seen the glitch in action yourself, you can check out a video of it below:

Now, this isn’t the only Omen glitch, though. Around the same time, another glitch also appeared wherein Omen can get past the spawn barriers that block the players’ path before the game officially starts.

This means that you, the player, could get into a really favorable position before anyone else. Well, positioning isn’t that important when you’re literally invincible, but it’s a glitch nonetheless.

Riot initially thought that they were able to fix that bug, but they were mistaken.

Omen was completely removed from the game yesterday, but Riot has announced that he will be brought back later this afternoon with a new hotfix patch to solve the glitch. The schedule is as follows:

  • APAC/OCE regions in 2 hours (2pm PT)
  • EU/CIS/TR regions in 8 hours (8pm PT)
  • NA/BR/LATAM regions in 12 hours (11pm PT)

This means that players who mainly use Omen don’t have to wait too long.

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