MMORPG New World Open Beta Schedule Revealed In New Cinematic Video

Amazon’s New World, a forthcoming fantasy MMO, was featured at Wednesday’s Gamescom Opening Night Live broadcast, which included a New World teaser and a release date for the game’s impending open beta. New World will officially debut on September 28, but MMO enthusiasts will have the opportunity to test the game in open beta on September 9.

The New World open beta will officially run from September 9 to September 12, making it a short but delicious experience. The open beta will be available to all comers, as the name indicates. It will not be available for pre-order or purchase.


For the duration of the open beta, MMO enthusiasts will be free to download and play the game as they choose. While certain parts of the game may change between now and launch, the whole game will be playable. Prior to launch, all progress made in the New World open beta will be lost.

According to Amazon, the open beta is also functioning as a stress test for New World’s server architecture. Servers may suffer depending on the number of players that opt to test out the game during the open beta. Of course, it’s preferable to suffer in open beta so that Amazon can prepare appropriately for launch.

An in-engine cinematic trailer for New World accompanied the introduction of the open beta. The trailer introduces the story and mythology of New World, as well as a number of the battles that players may anticipate to encounter once they begin playing. “I shall say a prayer for the souls of your crew,” a strange voice says, implying the dangers that players would face on their voyage to the New World and the island.

In addition, the cinematic trailer establishes the game’s concept. The player sets out for the New World in search of riches and adventure, but their ship is lost before they reach the actual island. Players will wash up on the island’s coast, where they will have to rebuild their lives from the ground up. It’s the classic MMO genesis narrative. Of course, New World has a slew of intriguing tales to pursue from there, keeping gamers occupied for quite some time.

In the coming weeks, expect to learn a lot more about New World’s forthcoming open beta and final release. New World has been under development for a long time and has undergone several drastic modifications throughout the years. It’ll be fascinating to see what type of MMO Amazon’s development team has come up with.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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