The world was first introduced to Pokémon during the early 1980s when it appeared in a gaming magazine in Japan. True, the Pokémon franchise is old already – the kids who first saw it before are probably with their own families now – but Pokémon is still making waves up to this very day. 

Pokémon is a massive franchise and world comprised not only of games and animes but also movies, merchandise, toys, trading cards, and so much more. 

Concerning its games, one of the most popular Pokémon games is “Pokémon GO,” which allows players to live the lives of Pokémon trainers as they see them in the series since these players can use their mobile devices to catch some Pokémons virtually.

“Pokémon GO” has a slew of pocket monsters waiting to be discovered. In this piece, you will learn about the newest Pokémons added to the game and tips on completing your Pokédex. Exciting, isn’t it? 

What Does It Mean By Completing The Pokédex?

In “Pokémon GO,” the Pokédex is utilized to keep track of all the Pokémons you, the Pokémon trainer, have seen and caught. You can also use the Pokédex to learn more about the various Pokémon species and their evolutions. 

With hundreds of different Pokémons out there, you might ask, “Is it possible to complete the Pokédex? While only a few can really achieve this feat, you can, of course, be part of that small group. 

The Newest Pokémons Added To ‘Pokémon GO’

The most recent Pokémons added to “Pokémon GO” are:

  • Varoom #965 and Revavroom #966 – Added on January 27th
  • Annihilape #979 – Added on January 19th
  • Wyrdeer #899 – Added on December 23rd
  • Cetitan #974 and Cetoddle #975 – Added on on December 18th
  • Tadbulb #938 and Bellibolt #939 – Added on November 7th
  • Clodsire #980 – Added on November 5th
  • Greavard #971 and Houndstone #972 – Added on October 19th

Tips To Complete Your Pokédex In ‘Pokémon GO’

To complete the Pokédex may be something that only a handful have achieved, but this is possible. Here are some tips on completing your Pokédex in “Pokémon GO.”

1. Win Raids And PvP Battles

Winning Raids and the GO Battle League in “Pokémon GO” are some of the best ways to collect more pocket monsters. 

To orient beginners, players must first have potent critters to defeat the monsters they are seeking from those Raids. Also, note that the GO Battle League reward encounters usually do not reveal what a gamer can find after winning some matches. 

Nevertheless, the best raid counters are necessary to win your Raid Battles. You will need to have the best movesets to beat opponents in the GO Battle League for reward encounters.

2. Accomplish Research Tasks

You know very well that there are researchers in the world of Pokémon, no matter how fictitious they may be. Therefore, while playing “Pokémon GO,” you will also encounter various Research Tasks, such as Field, Special, and Timed researches. Never ignore them. They can give you reward items such as Berries, Stardust, and, in some cases, even encounters with Pokémons.

To gain access to the Field Research,  you must spin PokeStops. PokeStops are areas in “Pokémon GO” that allow you to collect items like eggs and more Poké Balls so that you can capture more Pokémons.

However, note that there’s a limit to the number of tasks a player can get within the day by spinning PokeStops. While some Timed and Special Research quests may entail that you shell out some bucks, you can find those that are free and depend on the event they’re part of. 

Most of the time, Field Research features critters already available in the wild spawns, as well as eggs and low-tier Raids. If you want more powerful monsters, you can take the Timed and Special questlines.

3. Trade To Register Pokémons In Your Pokédex

Here’s another way to win Pokémons in your Pokédex. Your friends in-game can help you index missing creatures in your Pokédex via trades. Trainers may add up to 400 friends to their ID. The most ideal way to go about finding the pocket monster you desire is by adding friends from various parts of the globe since some Pokémons, like Kangaskhan, are region-locked. Thus, players must locate trading mates from those regions. 

We won’t oppose that it isn’t easy to befriend players. But you can find Trainers Code via social media platforms such as Reddit forums and Discord groups, among many others. The main challenge that must be overcome is to increase friendship levels. For instance, Good Friends requires more Stardust to trade, unlike Best Friends. To become the latter, you should be able to play together for a minimum of around three months. 


Right now, a complete Pokédex has 839 Pokémons caught. Some of the most recommended ways to find Pokémons that are rather hard to find include taking part in Events, Adventure Sync, Battle Team GO Rocket, Field Research tasks, Community Groups, and Lures and Incense. If you know the right ways, it is possible to catch the most highly-coveted Pokémons and complete your Pokédex. 

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