Next Big Diablo 4 Update Will Be Announced Next Year At BlizzCon Event

Blizzard is planning to reveal its next big update about Diablo 4 next year. A Diablo 4 announcement is set for the BlizzCon 2021, according to the developers, which will look different compared to the previous as it will be held virtually thanks to the global pandemic.

Diablo 4’s initial announcement came with a gameplay trailer during 2019’s BlizzCon event. In the year since there has been next to nothing in terms of graphic content for the extremely famous ARPG franchise.

In an article posted on the official website of Blizzard, Luis Barriga, the game director for Diablo 4, detailed a few updates for particular aspects of the game. As the final quarterly update of the year draws near, the post explains the most recent developments on major elements of the game including Uniques, Legendary Affixes, Item Qualities, Weapon Types, Primary Stats, and Skill Trees.


These updates look to significantly shift the game’s meta going forward. The full scope of changes can be read on Blizzard’s website, but one of the most eye-catching updates is about Diablo’s skill trees. The skill trees will be more costly to respect, forcing players to invest heavily in their characters. The development team has also announced that all stats will be essential this time around, marking a withdrawal from their handling in Diablo 3.

Barriga also mentioned that aside from the blog post, the next update will be taking place during next year’s virtual BlizzCon. He claims that while there have been a lot of rumors, it can be guaranteed that what is coming is “something chunky indeed.”

The game director teases at a new trailer, noting a new edition of the campfire scene showcased last year. Luckily, this year players won’t have to pay anything to watch, as BlizzCon Online will be absolutely free to watch.

Diablo 4’s daring new approach to its gameplay appears to revamp the series for the upcoming generation. While some details about the game have already been announced, players are still unaware of many aspects such as the new classes, which many players hope is what will be unveiled at the virtual BlizzCon. While there are likely to be returning and new classes, there are a few classes that likely won’t be added at launch.

While the title still has no official launch date, that may alter at some point between now and February next year. Things are looking good for the series, especially following the shocking Diablo immortal announcement.

However, Blizzard has lately stated that beta testers for the controversial mobile title are “hugely enthusiastic.” However, fans should take this with a grain of salt as these comments are coming from the development team themselves.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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