NieR Pouch Clutches Now Available For Pre-Order

Fans of the NieR franchise have been looking forward to the release of NieR Reincarnation and NieR Replicant, but it appears that Square Enix has a lot more in store for dedicated fans. The company has recently opened up pre-orders for merchandise inspired by both NieR Replicant and NieR Automata. 

To be more specific, the merchandise in question are card cases and pouch clutches based on NieR Automata’s 2B and NieR Replicant’s Grimoire Weiss. NieR fans who also enjoy diving into the world of fashion will definitely be interested in these new, stylish products, as the characters’ unique designs have been translated and adapted into them.

The products based on Weiss are made out of textured brown leather, and they are embellished with what looks to be a metallic pin or accessory of the book’s cover. On the other hand, the 2B merchandise is created from a dark black material that looks similar to 2B’s iconic outfit. On the item itself, fans will find a YoRHa emblem instead.

The original price of each card case is $34.99, but in celebration of the opening of pre-orders, they are available for $31.50 instead. In a similar fashion, the pouches are currently discounted for $29.69, but the regular price for each is $32.99. All of these exciting new products will officially release some time in May 2021, which takes place after NieR Replicant’s remaster goes live.

At the moment of writing, the Square Enix store hasn’t given a specific date of shipment just yet, but we’re sure that the company will reveal more details to interested buyers within the next few months. So, definitely stay tuned for more details!

From being a cult classic series, the NieR franchise quickly rose in popularity and is now considered to be one of Square Enix’s incredibly successful franchises. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that products and merchandise such as this are being released—and they’re very much welcome within the community as well.

The highly acclaimed NieR Automata already has a plethora of merchandise and collectibles dedicated to the action-RPG, so it’s great that NieR Replicant is also receiving love and attention from Square Enix. The remaster for NieR Replicant is set to release within the next few months, yet compared to when NieR Automata was launched, there’s not a lot of discussion and hype surrounding it.

As such, it’s definitely exciting to see the company make an effort to tout the upcoming remaster even more than it already has through merchandise such as this. In any case, fans of either Automata or Replicant should keep their eyes peeled for more news about the new card cases and pouches, especially since they’ll be available in a couple of months.

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