NeoGAF poster mieumieu translated statements from a Foxconn sketch artist about the specs relating to the Nintendo NX. Included are details of its hardware, comparative performances (it does NOT match the PS4, in case you were wondering, much less the PS4 Pro), and the details regarding the expected handheld screen.

As was previously reported, it’s a “mobile hybrid.” You can play it on the go, or you plug it into an HDMI port on your TV.

The translation is as below:

I can translate the original post here (brackets are my comments.)

“NX is a console-handheld hybrid. It is detachable. It contains the console itself, performance module, and the handheld/gamepad.

The console (I think it is supposed to be a dock. I’ll call it a dock from now on) contains HDD, cartridge slot and various other interfaces. It supports TV output (but no CPU/GPU).

The performance module is a portable device that provides power supply. It contains a Li-Ion battery. CPU/GPU also is contained inside. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wired connections. You plug the dock inside and it becomes a PS4/Xbone like console, but you can also transfer the signals to the handheld (like Remote Play?)

There are two candidate SoC for it: Pascal SoC from nVidia or AMD R9 SoC.

The handheld part is a 6 inch 720p screen and has a low-TDP SoC, which can satisfy basic operations with lower quality graphics when the performance module is not connected. But it can also display game graphics from the performance module which can provide a console-level graphics. A bit like nVidia Shield streaming. You can bring the performance module with you portable (since it has its own battery).

Additional info: whatever the solution will be, the computing power it has falls far behind a PS4, let alone a PS4 Pro. Don’t have high hopes for that. The selling point for it is high portability and hybrid providing rich gameplay possibilities.

If details don’t get revealed in Oct then maybe wait for the beginning of next year. I welcome you guys to necrobump this post. Period.”

UPDATE: Tweets including pictures have floated up.

Chinese Foxconn sketch artists returns

— Marcel (@Nintex_nl) September 23, 2016

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