Nintendo Reminds Not To Remove Switch OLED Screen Protector

Nintendo has stated that the new Switch OLED screen protector should not be removed. The idea of a new Nintendo console first surfaced after rumors of a possible Switch Pro. Instead, Nintendo released a trailer for the Switch OLED in July.

The Switch OLED finally hit the shelves earlier this week, on October 8th, promising a higher quality screen than Nintendo’s previous iteration of the console but lacking the major upgrades fans were hoping for from a possible Switch Pro.

However, the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED has not been without incident. Fans hoped for a new console that would fix the Switch’s infamous Joy-con drift or, at the very least, a new console that would support 4K resolution.


Unfortunately, these enhancements were not incorporated into the Switch OLED’s final design. There have also been reports of issues with the consoles’ deployment. Several buyers have reported that their Nintendo Switch OLED preorders have been delayed despite having purchased their consoles well in advance.

According to Nintendo Life, the screen protector that comes with the Switch OLED must not be removed. The warning is stated in the OLED Switch’s manual. In contrast to the original Switch and Switch Lite’s plastic screens, the new Switch OLED has a glass display. Most new console owners may be surprised to learn this because the film on the screen obscures the glass.

An anti-scattering adhesive film protects the glass screen of the Switch OLED. It protects the glass screen from scratches and, if smashed, keeps it from shattering into dangerously sharp pieces. Furthermore, Nintendo has stated that third-party screen protectors can be easily applied on top of the Switch OLED’s screen, despite the fact that it contains an anti-scattering adhesive film.


Protective films are frequently applied to devices and displays, such as smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, these pre-applied protective films are typically placed on devices to protect the screen from fingerprint smudges.

Furthermore, the majority of pre-applied protective films are expected to be peeled away by the new owner. Buyers of the new Switch OLED may be tempted to peel off the protective film, as they would for other devices. When Nintendo included the warning in the console’s manual, it was most likely with this in mind.

The new Switch OLED has sparked some interest, with some claiming that it is the superior Switch model due to a number of key differences. One of these key differences is the Switch OLED’s screen, which is slightly larger and has more vibrant colors. Given these enhancements and the glass screen, it’s no surprise that Nintendo included a special film with the new console. Let’s hope owners resist the urge to peel the protective film off the device.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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