Nintendo Switch New Update Finally Allows Connection of Bluetooth Audio

Nintendo isn’t known for being predictable. Over the years, the business has introduced several unique items to gamers, such as the Wii’s motion controllers. While this unpredictability frequently results in pleasant surprises, it may also lead to supporters criticizing Nintendo’s judgments, such as when the Switch was released without Bluetooth audio capability. Thankfully for Nintendo fans, another unexpected update for the hybrid device looks to have fixed the issue.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, players have created innumerable memories while playing games on the system. Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2 are just a handful of the fantastic games available on the system.

Even as the system blurred the barrier between mobile gaming and television gaming, it restricted gamers from accessing technologies such as Bluetooth. While players could add Bluetooth capability using third-party peripherals, the system has never had built-in support for the technology until today.


In a recent tweet, Nintendo of America stated that a new update for the Nintendo Switch is now available. The support for Bluetooth devices is the most important feature of this version for the great majority of users.

This long-overdue functionality is now available on the system. While Bluetooth audio output is a great feature for any system, it’s especially exciting for Nintendo because the Switch Pro Controller doesn’t have a headphone socket. Gamers may now utilize any Bluetooth-enabled headphones to play their favorite games.

While the addition of Bluetooth capability is a great bonus for gamers, Nintendo’s approach comes with certain limitations. When a Bluetooth-enabled audio device is connected, players can only utilize two wireless controllers at once. Furthermore, only one Bluetooth device may be linked at any given moment.

However, the firm stated that the console can hold up to ten devices. Aside from the audio output limitations, the business also said that Bluetooth microphones are not compatible. Although the lack of support for this function isn’t ideal, Nintendo Switch Online voice chat has had its fair share of issues.

While this update appears to have arrived at an inconvenient moment, it does appear to indicate that Nintendo is still working to improve the quality of the Switch experience. Still, one question lingers: why did this function take so long to get on the console? Nonetheless, Bluetooth is now available, allowing Nintendo enthusiasts to use their wireless earphones while playing games.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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