Observer: System Redux Makes Its Way To PC

Observer is a game that’s pretty much known among the fans of futuristic horror. Now, its newest edition, Observer: System Redux, has been announced for the PC as well as for the upcoming consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

During the Gamescom 2020 stream, Bloober Team revealed that the game will be available for the PC sometime around the holidays this year. What’s more, the PC version will have the same features and upgraded visuals as the ones for the newer consoles.



Looking at these screenshots, you can definitely see just how different and ultimately better the graphics for System Redux will be compared to the original. Unsurprising, though, since the game will have enhanced textures, 4K ray-tracing, and HDR lighting.

The game’s animation and models have been given a thorough cleanup, too. At this point, you can expect the game to run and look as smooth as possible.

Moving on, Observer: System Redux will have three new side cases that you can solve, all of which give you a better and deeper understanding of the game’s story. The game has new mechanics and a redesigned stealth.

Unfortunately, System Redux won’t be free for those who already bought the original Observer. On the plus side, pre-ordering the game right now on Steam will give you a 10% discount. In fact, a free demo is also up on Steam right now if you can’t wait to try out the game yourself.

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