what is a niche

Have you heard of the Pareto rule, the Pareto pool, or the Pareto principle? The Pareto rule is very simple. It states that 20% of people will achieve 80% of the results. This applies to almost all aspects of life. It can apply to date, it can apply to study, it can apply to make money, and yes, it applies to niche marketing.

The truth of the matter is that 20% of all niche marketers make 80% or more of the income. This means that the rest of the 80% have to content themselves with what’s leftover. The sad truth is in that 80%, most of those people are generating zero sales. So the lion share goes to a small minority. Wouldn’t you like to be part of that 20%?

Unfortunately, many niche marketers inadvertently fall into the other 20% because of one painful truth. They just can’t seem to get their minds wrapped around this painful truth and learn its basic lessons. They can’t seem to apply this painful truth to their actions and strategies.

They can’t seem to plan their niche marketing campaigns and businesses based on this painful truth. Maybe the truth is too painful. Maybe the truth is too shocking. Maybe the truth just gets in the way of comfortable and convenient preconceptions that they had. Regardless of the resistance, it doesn’t matter.

The truth is still the truth, and this painful truth was true back then, it’s true now, and it’s going to be true in the future. Unless you accept this painful truth and conduct your niche marketing activities accordingly, nothing’s going to happen to your business. You are not going to make any progress.

What is this painful truth? There are no shortcuts. That’s right. It may seem simple, but it’s very profound. You can’t imagine the huge numbers of niche marketers going into the market and trying their hand at buying a domain, getting an auto-responder, putting up a website and then failing because they think that there is some sort of shortcut.

There are no shortcuts. Unfortunately, the whole internet marketing business is built on getting people believing that there is such a thing as shortcuts. Once you understand this painful truth then you will know how to find the right coach, you will know how to find the right products, and you will know how to conduct yourself in such a way that you have an increased chance of making money online. The sooner you get out of this bad mentality of finding a shortcut, the sooner you will make money.