Online casinos offer an enticing world to anyone, especially beginners. This is where the online casino special welcome offers enter the scene, giving newcomers and account owners some “gifts.” It could be in the form of cash and free spins. However, in order to ensure you’ll enjoy these bonuses in the best ways possible, you have to know how to use them. Most importantly, you need to get them from reliable sources, and we know where these places are.

What are online casino special welcome offers?

Special welcome offers are the gifts you receive when you begin using a specific online casino platform. Many online casinos offer them to all their new players when they create accounts on their platforms. They serve as part of casinos’ marketing moves to entice players to try their games. These special welcome offers come in various forms: bonus and free spins.

Bonuses come in the form of cash, which is given to new account owners. Online casinos could offer them as-is, meaning you can receive cash right away upon the creation of your account without asking you for some requirements. Specifically, this form of bonus does not require deposits or cash requirement.

On the other hand, some cash bonuses will require a deposit. Here, you need to first make a deposit on your account, and you’ll then receive the bonus from the online casino. The amount of the bonus you’ll receive will depend on the bonus percentage the casino is offering. For instance, some casinos offer 100% bonuses, which will double the exact amount of deposit you’ll put into your account.

Ultimately, there’s the free spin, which also has various types. First is the “free spins, no deposit,” which is probably the most popular among players. As the name implies, this bonus won’t require you to make a deposit. This means a safe bet for you as your cash will remain secure. The second is “free spins,” which, unlike the former, will require you to make deposits. You are not paying for it, but it serves as your reward for making a deposit to your account.

Is it possible to really win money using online casino special welcome offers?

Offering casino bonuses, especially in the form of free cash, might seem too good to be true. However, the primary purpose of these spins is to entice players. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement: casinos employ an effective marketing strategy, while players get the opportunity to play without risking their own money. Nevertheless, casinos ensure they gain additional advantages through this setup, which is where “wager requirements” come into play.

Imagine receiving free cash or spins, winning some amount from slot machines, and then simply walking away. Unfortunately, that’s not how online casinos operate. When you claim free spins bonuses, there are certain wagering requirements that dictate when you can access your winnings. Essentially, they specify how many times you must bet your free spins winnings before being eligible to withdraw them. The lower the wagering requirement, the easier it becomes to claim your winnings. For instance, if you’ve earned $30 from 50 spins but face a 30x wagering requirement, you’ll need to wager that amount an additional 30 times to unlock the actual prize. Once you meet this demand, any remaining funds will be available for withdrawal to your bank account.

Where to get online casino special welcome offers?

As said earlier, you can get special welcome offers as soon as you join some online casinos. Many online casinos are offering them nowadays, but it is important to accept only those that are from reliable platforms. As a quick note: stay away from those sites that are questionable. If you want a quick list of some of the most trusted platforms, you can find here some of the best special welcome offers from online casinos we rounded up for you.

These online casinos differ in how they provide their special welcome offers, but you will certainly be asked to create an account. If some codes are required, submit them, and the bonus spins will be credited to your new account.

Picking your bonuses

Online casino special welcome offers are undeniably appealing, but it’s crucial to consider certain factors when choosing one. While gifts like free cash are indeed alluring, it is important to note that you do not need to accept it just because it is being offered to you. As previously mentioned, pay attention to the wagering requirement—the lower the requirement, the easier it becomes to withdraw your earnings. Additionally, keep an eye out for special online casino welcome offers without any wagering requirements or with low numbers, if possible.

If your goal is to win, check the maximum cashout details associated with the bonus. However, if you’re simply seeking enjoyment from the game, make sure the free spins bonus applies to games you genuinely like. Yet, don’t overlook the time limits or expiration dates of your free spins.

Lastly, engage only with reputable online casinos that hold proper licenses and are regulated by external organizations. This ensures that the casino operates fairly and adheres to industry standards. By doing so, you’ll avoid false advertisements, payment issues, questionable practices, rigged games, spam, and unfavorable bonus terms.


Special welcome offers help online casinos attract new players to try their platforms. Nonetheless, you can also take advantage of these bonuses to earn a good sum of winnings.

These bonuses could be offered either as cash bonuses or free spins, but note that you could be required to make some deposits before you receive them. As such, it is advised to look for zero-deposit bonuses. Aside from that, it is best if you can get bonuses with low to zero wagering requirements. That way, it will be easier for you to access your winnings, diminishing the possibility of you losing your money.

Ultimately, only entertain bonuses from reliable online casinos. Although there are a bunch of platforms offering bonuses nowadays, opting for trusted casinos will ensure you’ll get a fair and satisfying experience each time.

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