Ooblets Will Add New Spooky Region in Halloween Update


Ooblets is an adorable farming and relaxing farming game, but the twist is that you collect creatures and have them compete in dance-offs. It’s currently still in early access, so it hasn’t had a lot of updates yet. That’s why its first content update is quite a big deal to fans.

The Nullwhere Update (Update 0.4) will be adding a new Halloween-inspired region to the game, complete with new characters and even its very own storyline.

The official Ooblets Twitter account says it’s similar to Mamoonia, which is another explorable location with its own storyline. Basing on the teased screenshots, Nullwhere has green mist, creepy trees, and even characters who have dressed up as ghosts.

The Ooblets art style is so adorable, though, so it’s highly unlikely that this Nullwhere update will be as spooky as the announcement makes it seem. That said, you can definitely expect some Ooblets humor such as sly and witty retorts. Perhaps we’ll even have some Halloween-themed dance-offs or a new spooky Ooblet you can add to your collection.


Nevertheless, the fans seem taut with excitement with whatever this update has to offer. The free update will go live sometime this month for those who already own the game. By the way, Nullwhere will be a permanent region in the game, so you can regularly get your dose of Halloween at any time.

Ooblets is available as an early access title for PC via Epic Games Store and Xbox.

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