Opera announced a new AI browser feature called “Aria.” It will take the form of a side panel, which will allow users to perform other actions side by side with their main browser window. And yes — it is much like Microsoft ChatGPT-powered Edge’s panel.

ChatGPT really took the world by storm, and Microsoft isn’t the only company benefitting from it. Opera is also using ChatGPT now on its browser. In its latest test for a new feature, the company shared integrating OpenAI’s creation within a new side panel called Aria. It can answer queries and also generate text or code. Opera is also using the feature to provide answers to questions related to the Opera browser’s “whole database of support documentation.”

Aria can also provide live content and is connected to the web, making it closely similar to the panel we already see on the Microsoft Edge browser. Yet, the company stressed that it is still under test in the newest version of Opera One, albeit it is launching in over 180 countries. 

The panel follows the earlier reports about Opera’s tool called “Shorten” in February. But unlike Aria, the tool is only designed to generate bulleted summaries of articles. It also used ChatGPT, but the feature seemed to limit the power and potential of the natural language processing tool. At that time, nonetheless, the company expressed its intention to use AI across its product offerings. Now, AI can be traced in many of the company’s products, including its Opera and Opera GX browser chatbots and, of course, the Opera One browser, which is “suited to accommodate more generative-AI features through its modular design.”

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