In a recent announcement, Opera revealed that it would be officially rolling out the beta version of its crypto browser. The company wants to introduce more users to different innovative platforms within the cryptocurrency world, and it plans on doing so through its crypto browser. Users of the new browser can access platforms similar to dApps, the Metaverse, and others. Opera also confirmed in its announcement that the browser would support Windows, Android, and even Mac devices.

Opera for Crypto Adoption

According to the official statement, the new Opera crypto browser comes with a VPN that won’t require you to log in. Not only that, but the browser will also come with a built-in ad blocker, offering users maximum possible security. You might be thinking, “but these features are already available on the regular Opera browser!”

While that’s true, this new one will also give you direct access to NFT platforms, decentralized exchanges, and dApps that offer gaming access. In a statement by Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s Executive Vice President, he says that they created this initiative to help push crypto adoption.


It Comes With a Built-in Wallet

Based on the latest announcement, it appears that the upcoming app will offer users a much better and more convenient way to access various Web3 content. Opera also said that the crypto browser could help simplify onboarding, making the process extra easy for the users. Finally, the company acknowledges that more and more people need to familiarize Web3 if the decentralized finance sector wants to experience success.

As mentioned, the browser will have a built-in wallet, and users will be responsible for their private keys. The wallet is currently receiving support from Ethereum, but the company plans on sealing more partnerships in the future. MATIC recently settled a deal with Opera, which could mean that they’ll be the next integrated platform.

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