Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event Begins This Week

Events hosted by Blizzard’s team-based multiplayer game Overwatch always bring fun and excitement to the community of fans. When a new event gets announced, fans almost always flock to the game to see what kind of cosmetic or brawl will be available for that particular festivity.

The next expected Overwatch event is Lunar New Year Event, and according to a tweet on Overwatch’s official Twitter account, it will be taking place very soon. Blizzard previously teased the event through a piece of Hanzo artwork posted on New Year’s Day, with the character standing near an Ox.

However, little has been said about the event since then, so much so that fans began to worry if Overwatch was going to celebrate Lunar New Year this 2021. Not to mention that the first-person shooter usually celebrated the event around mid to late January. Fortunately, the official tweet confirmed that their worries were unfounded, and that the festivities will still continue.


According to the tweet, the Year of the Ox event will officially begin on February 4, 2021. In other words, players will finally be able to experience all the new content and features that come with this event within the week.

Like usual, the event will be celebrated for three weeks, with the festivities concluding on February 25, 2021. That said, the teaser trailer doesn’t really give us a clue on what skins will be offered and what they’ll look like. What it does give us, though, is a highlight of the popular mech pilot D.Va. The intro has her ejecting out her mech, and then snapping her fingers which caused the mech to explode into fireworks.

The teaser and the upcoming event will surely be a good distraction for the players who were upset with Blizzard’s decision to nerf a couple of Overwatch characters. As for what else the developer has up its sleeve for this year’s Lunar New Year, our guess is as good as anyone’s.

If we use the previous events as a basis, though, we expect that players will still be able to obtain skins via weekly win challenges. Perhaps other cosmetics can be unlocked through lootboxes as well. Not only that, it’s highly possible that the skins from prior Lunar New Year events will be made available this year too.


The Lunar New Year events from previous years were incredibly fun, and even offered unique skins like Sombra’s Face Changer. As such, players hope that the lineup of outfits and other cosmetic items for this year’s event will also stand out.

On the other hand, Overwatch players also expect the return of Capture the Flag for this year’s seasonal brawl. After all, this is a recurring mode that always appears during every Lunar New Year event. As such, it’s possible that a competitive and/or casual version of this mode will be available this year. In fact, maybe the new Kanezaka map will be redesigned to fit the mode and the event’s overall theme.

For fans who are waiting for more news about what Overwatch has planned for the future, the BlizzConline showcase for Overwatch 2 is drawing closer and closer. It’s just a matter of time before we find out what Blizzard has in store for us.

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