Overwatch fans were pleasantly surprised by Doomfist’s release today. But what they were not expecting to hear was the dulcet tones of Sahr Ngaujah, as confirmed to PVP Live by Blizzard.

He may not have the in-your-face, power screams of Terry Crews, but Ngaujah has serious acting chops to back up his casting as Talon’s leader in Overwatch. Ngaujah has been featured in films such as The SignalStomp the Yard, How I Spent my Summer, and Blood Done Sign My Name. He’s also appeared in The Blacklist Season 2 as General Yaabari and Last Resort. 

He’s far better known as a musical actor though for his role in the musical Fela! The Musical which explores the life and inspiration of the Nigeran composer Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He received a Tony Award nomination and a Laurence Olivier Award nomination for his role in the musical. As Doomfist also hails from Nigeria, Ngaujah’s ability to provide an authentic take likely helped with the casting.

Ngaujah brought all of his acting chops to bear on Overwatch’s Doomfist and delivers a chilling performance in the Doomfist animated origin video. He narrates his capture and escapes by Overwatch, stating that you have to “rise up to be remembered,” as well as improve the human race in the crucible of war – essentially survival of the fittest. Of course, being captured by Winston, a primate, is the ultimate irony for someone so obsessed with Darwinian concepts like these.

While we don’t have many interactions or voice lines to go off of other than the above in-game just yet, surely his harsh world view will be included. Perhaps we’ll get to hear him tell Reaper off for being told to do his own dirty work?

Doomfist, and Sahr Ngaujah, are set to debut in Overwatch Patch 1.13, which is currently available for testing on the PTR. The patch will also feature the long-awaited highlight system, as well as a major change to loot boxes that drastically reduces the number of duplicates you’ll receive.

How do you feel about the casting of Overwatchs Doomfist? Would you have preferred the bombastic Terry Crews, or are you alright with the more measured delivery of Sahr Nguajah?

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