Perfect Match” star and YouTuber Francesca Farago is soon tying the knot with Jesse Sullivan, her fiancé. She recently revealed her top picks on which venue she wants for her wedding day. 

In a news story reported by Narcity, a Canadian online media company, a few days ago, the “Perfect Match” star said the places on her wishlist are California, Europe, and Canada. However, she said there are no final decisions made yet. 

“We honestly haven’t decided on a venue. We plan to go more wedding venue hunting over the next few months! California is an option! Europe is an option and even Canada!” Farago told Narcity.

A stunning hotel in Canada

Canada is a prime choice as a wedding venue for couples. Many, both celebrities and non-showbiz couples, held their weddings in this beautiful country in the past. 

Narcity, being a Canadian media company, asked Farago further where precisely in Canada she and her fiancé are looking to get married, and she revealed it is a hotel near British Columbia, where she had lived for years before. 

“We love the Fairmont in Banff, so that’s a contender for sure,” Farago told the website.

The Fairmont Hotel in Banff, a town in Alberta, is a luxury hotel known to offer breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains, primarily since it is located right in the heart of Banff National Park. 

Branding itself as “Canada’s Castle in the Rockies,” this hotel also looks like it came from a fairy tale. It has more than 700 guest rooms and suites, built with its ballrooms, spa, and its sprawling golf course.

Tying the knot

Farago and Sullivan first met in June 2021, when the “Perfect Match” star hosted a TikTok LIVE event dedicated to Pride Month. Coincidentally, Sullivan and his child participated in the event, so he got the chance to meet with Farago over Zoom calls for rehearsals. 

Lo and behold, the YouTuber knew she was interested in Sullivan right away, so they finally met in person in July of that year. 

“We texted all day, every day after the LIVE, and had 4-5 hour long phone calls, just talking,” Sullivan said. “We just couldn’t get enough of one another.”

A few years later, in May 2023, the couple got engaged. 

What do you think of their wedding venue choices? 

Aside from being a reality TV show star best known for happearingon Netflix’s “Perfect Match” and “Too Hot to Handle,” Farago is also a model. She became a favorite amongst fans for her rebellious but fun attitude.

Her fiancé, Sullivan, is also a social media star. He is a trans man whose TikTok account chronicles his journey as a young father, sharing his story of parenthood and transgender-related advice. 

Congratulations to the couple!

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