Anyone unfamiliar with the Persona series will discover a sophisticated game with complex characters and many weird and fascinating characteristics seen in anime video game universes. Persona 5 is a role-playing game featuring dungeon crawling and dating simulation aspects, similar to the other games in the series. Players must explore the Metaverse while fighting demonic monsters and malevolent people in this unusual mixture.

To do so, players must form close ties with Confidants in the game, who gave a romantic interest and unlocked the talents required to succeed. The Personas you summon into combat and their class is determined by which Confidant you choose. Here’s a list of all the Confidants and the finest presents to give them to help you court them and deal with the social aspects of this complicated game.

Ann Takamaki


Ann will take a variety of presents, most of which offer the 3+ bonus, making her simpler to woo than many of the other Confidants on this list. The bulk of these presents can be obtained at the Shibuya Station Underground Mall. The Custard Cake, which costs 1,500, is the lowest 3+ present she’ll take.

When offered, the Custard Cake, Chocolate Truffles, Face Beautifier, Rose Bouquet, and Uji Matcha Flan all prompt distinct speech. Before the Crimson Lipstick, Heart-Shaped Ring, Rose Bouquet must be presented in a loving relationship. The Star Mirror is the only 3+ gift that does not require a love relationship or further discussion. Best of KGB49 and Designer Perfume, both of which provide 2+, are the only non-3+ presents she accepts.

Makoto Niijima


Makoto, like Ann, takes a lot of presents, but only one is a 3+, and practically all of them are at the Shibuya Station Underground Mall. The Mini Cactus, which costs 1,600, is the lowest present available. The only presents that generate unique conversations are the Designer Perfume and Motorbike Figure, and the Heart Necklace, Heart-shaped Ring, and Rose Bouquet are the only presents that need a love relationship.

This implies that many presents, such as the Book Cover, Flower Basket, Fountain Pen, and Mini Cactus, deliver the 3+ without further speech or conditions. Classical Hits is the only present she’ll accept with a 2+ bonus.

Futaba Sakura


All her gifts may be obtained at the Underground Mall or Akihabara, making it quite simple to find what she desires. The Local Mascot Set at $3,600 is the lowest 3+ present she’ll take, making her somewhat more costly than Ann or Makoto.

The only presents that need a love relationship are the Heart Necklace and Heart-shaped Ring, as well as the Local Mascot Set and Snack Pack. Best of KGB49 and the Motorbike Figure are the other two+ presents she’ll take. The Robot Vacuum is the only 2+ present she’ll accept.

Haru Okumura


The Underground Mall has most of Haru’s presents, making them simple to purchase for her. A Flower Basket costs $2,400 and is the cheapest 3+. The Flower Basket and Glass Vase initiate a unique dialogue, while the Heart Necklace and Heart-shaped Ring necessitate a loving bond.

The Book Cover and Chocolate Truffles are the other two presents she’ll take. The Mini Cactus, Local Mascot Set, Rose Bouquet, and Snack Pack are just a few of the 2+ presents she’ll accept. While she is pickier about what gets her a 3+ bonus, she isn’t quite as awful as the next person on the list.

Tae Takemi


Most of the products are purchased in the Underground Mall, except for the Black Mug, which is purchased in the Shinjuku General Store. The Mini Cactus is the cheapest 3+ at $1,600. The Black Mug is the only item that initiates unique discourse, and there are no items that need a love connection to be presented, making things a little easier.

Unfortunately, she will only accept a limited number of presents. The Black Mug and Mini Cactus are the only 3+ presents. Custard Cake, Chocolate Truffles, and Classical Hits are among the other 2+ presents. While she is more particular about the presents she desires, they are also the cheapest, so there is a clear trade-off regarding courting the Confidant of Death.

Sadayo Kawakami


She’ll get a lot of her presents from the Underground Mall, and she’ll accept a lot more than anybody else on this list. The Chocolate Truffles at $2,800 is the cheapest 3+ present she’ll accept. The Heart Necklace, Heart-shaped Ring, and Robot Vacuum all have a unique language and need a love connection, making things easier to keep track of. On the other hand, Crimson Lipstick does not have any additional conversation but does require a love connection.

Give her the Best of KGB49, Idol Pins, and a Star Mirror for the remaining 3+ items. Custard Cake, Designer Perfume, Incense Set, and Rakugo Collection are her two+ presents.

Chihaya Mifune


To obtain her recommended gifts, you must purchase them at various locations in Shibuya and Shinjuku. The Flower Basket is the cheapest 3+ at $2,400. The Star Mirror is the only 3+ present worth mentioning because it gives unique conversation, and, like Tae, she does not require a love relationship to receive any present.

The Flower Basket and the Local Mascot Set are the other two items she’ll take. She’ll accept the Book Cover, Custard Cake, Classical Hits, Glass Vase, and a few other 2+ presents. Because all of her presents are pretty inexpensive, the Fortune Confidant is relatively easy to woo in terms of presents.

Ichiko Ohya


Ichiko’s presents are primarily available in Shibuya and Shinjuku. She has a few 3+ presents, the cheapest of which is a $1,800 Black Mug. The additional conversation is triggered by the Fountain Pen and the Digital Camera, with the latter being the only item for which she requires a love relationship.

Classical Hits is the only other 3+ she’ll take. Mini Cactus, Rakugo Collection, Sakura Fan, and Uji Matcha Flan are just a few of the 2+ presents she has. The Digital Camera is priced at $39,800, so be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want that one-of-a-kind interaction.

Hifumi Togo


Hifumi, the last Confidant on our list, has essential criteria and a limited amount of unique speech. The Black Mug costs $1,800 and is the cheapest 3+ present. The Sakura Fan, which initiates great discussion, is the only 3+ present you need be concerned about; she has no romantic criteria for any of her presents.

The Fountain Pen, Incense Set, and Rakugo Collection are the other three+ goods. The Book Cover, Glass Vase, and Uji Matcha Flan are her two+ goods. Her things are often in the $3,000 area, so affording all of her presents won’t be too difficult, making the Star Confidant one of the best people to court in terms of presents.

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