Kinetic Games Is Working On Phasmophobia Prison Level

Kinetic Games has always been very open and transparent to its fanbase regarding its future plans for Phasmophobia. Now, the developer has confirmed that a new prison level is currently in the works after fans’ constant requests for new areas.

Even though Halloween has come and gone, the ghost hunting 4-player game continues to be a huge success within the gaming community. Its sudden success is similar to that of the social deduction game Among Us, wherein the title had a sudden rise in popularity in streaming platforms such as Twitch.

As such, developer Kinetic Games has decided to rethink some of its future plans for the game in order to cater to the fans’ wants and needs. If you’re unfamiliar with the game’s setup, Phasmophobia has you putting together a team of four in order to hunt ghosts.

The game is usually set in households, and if you play Phasmophobia enough times, the gameplay can become somewhat redundant. Although there are currently high school and asylum maps for players to hunt ghosts at, it’s still understandable that they would want more.


Fans have been requesting the addition of new locations for quite some time now, such as cemeteries, churches, mansions, and even hotels. Fortunately, Kinetic Games is the kind of developer that really listens to the fans and takes their opinions seriously.

To give dedicated fans an idea of what the developer is working on, Kinetic Games has a public Trello board that contains Phasmophobia’s task log. The Trello board is separated into multiple categories like “In Progress,” “Backlog,” “Known Bugs,” and “To Do.”

You will find “Make a Prison Level” underneath the “In Progress” category. Sadly, developer and Kinetic Games founder “Dknighter” only posted a screenshot of the Trello task on Twitter with no extra information, so we’re not entirely sure what he has planned for the upcoming level.

However, it’s highly possible that it will have the same size as the expansive asylum level that is already present in the game.

It makes a lot of sense for a prison level to be included in a horror game, especially a game about hunting ghosts. After all, abandoned prisons are commonly visited by real-world ghost hunters, plus it’s a very prevalent location when it comes to horror games in general.

That being said, fans have valid concerns and complaints when it comes to Phasmophobia having bigger maps, but as mentioned, Kinetic Games is pretty great when it comes to listening to its players.

As a matter of fact, fans are even free to leave comments and suggestions on the public Trello board. One of the top commenters states that it would be great if Phasmophobia supported more than four players. This would be a great option to have for tackling the more expansive maps, allowing players to cover more ground.

The Phasmophobia community has some pretty good map ideas for Kinetic Games to choose from, such as carnivals, forest campsites, and more, which will surely keep the ball rolling for the psychological horror game.

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