Publisher tinyBuild Drops an Announcement Teaser Trailer for Pigeon Simulator

The world of video games has had its fair share of bizarre titles, like Goat Simular and Untitled Goose Game, which makes you commend humans and their creativity. It appears that there’s a new game that wants to take the silliness even higher, though, and it’s called none other than Pigeon Simulator.

Developed by HakJak and published by tinyBuild, the game’s plot seems simple enough. You take control of a notorious pigeon and either steal donuts from police officers, poop everywhere—or perhaps even both. We can’t say for sure what the game’s overall goal or purpose is though, but it gives off the same vibe as Goat Simulator. Besides, not every game has to have rhyme or reason.

In the case of Pigeon Simulator, you have an expansive open-world area you can freely explore, and no one can stop you from causing havoc wherever you fly off to. Publisher tinyBuild released an announcement teaser trailer for the upcoming game recently, and while it doesn’t show much in terms of plot or story, it showcases all the donut stealing and pooping you can do as this annoying bird.


Despite the fact that the announcement trailer is only over a minute long, there’s… a lot to unpack from it. Pigeon Simulator apparently allows you to breathe out fire, gives you the ability to transform into one huge, super-sized pigeon, and lets you fight off Pigeon Patrol choppers. There are a lot of strange games out there, but Pigeon Simulator is definitely at the top of the list.

That being said, if you want to play a casual and nonsensical video game to simply de-stress, then Pigeon Simulator might be worth a shot. We’re definitely curious to see what other activities we can do as pigeons in the game, and what other kinds of mischief it will allow us to take part in.

Developer HakJak posted an announcement on Steam as well, which stated that “pigeons come back with a vengeance in Pigeon Simulator – the official reboot, reimagining, inspired by, officially approved full-scale production of Bossa’s 2019 prototype.”

That being said, HakJak and tinyBuild might even be familiar to you—the developer and publisher, respectively, were also responsible for the crazy 3D simulation game Guts & Glory. That’s right, the game featuring a father and son who are simply trying to navigate a course that’s covered in deadly traps and other hazards.

Not only that, tinyBuild is also popularly known for the Hello Neighbor franchise, but it has also published other well-known titles like Graveyard Keeper.

As for Pigeon Simulator, its official Steam page only shows TBA as its release date, and neither developer nor publisher have made an official announcement regarding when it’s supposed to be launched. However, the game is expected to release some time this year. So, keep your eyes peeled for more details about this strange, avian-filled game!

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