Bluehole is still improving the stability of the game, its infrastructure, as well as adding new weapons and vehicles, but we’re going to see a new batch of cosmetic items drop into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sometime in the coming weeks.

Reddit user DevinWatson datamined the most recent patch for the game and found over 50 new cosmetic items in-the-works. There were no weapon skins present in the game files, but DevinWatson found plenty of new options to gear out your character.

There’s no information that points to these items being part of Battlegrounds’ planned microtransactions, but this could be Bluehole’s first batch. On the same thread, they may include these into a new Pioneer Crate, so don’t go dumping all your Credits just yet.

We’ve selected the more interesting cosmetic items, but you can find the full album here.

Starting off strong: a full suit of tactical armor was found, but there’s no easy explanation of why it would be introduced into the game.


Bluehole could take the route of adding an even higher class of armor, but that doesn’t seem likely. This may be a specific armor set exclusive to custom games, but there’s no custom game mode or anything in-game to reasonably tie it to.

Next up is a piece of chest armor with a spiked shoulder pad.


The PUBG developers have never mentioned their intention to add skins to player armor, but this may very well be the case. This notion is further evidenced by the backpack skins (or new backpack look) that were also found.


In addition to these skins, DevinWatson also found plenty of simpler cosmetic choices: skirts, shirts, jackets, gas masks, and goggles.


But more interestingly, Bluehole might also be introducing new forms of boosters or healing items. There’s a fiber cloth in the game files as well as an apple, both of which could act as small boosters. It’s not so outlandish having the apple as a booster when you consider the fact that you can consume an Energy Drink to regain health over time.


Obviously, there’s no expected release time since these items were found through a datamine. That said, because these items were already in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game files, the developers can flip the switch to make them available in-game at any time.