PlayStation 5 Secret Hardware Feature To Be Enabled In Future Update

In an update to the PS5 FAQ, Sony has announced that a key feature of the next-gen console’s hardware will be enabled in a future system software update. Since the release of the machine a few days ago, thousands of lucky fans have received Sony’s new console inside their homes. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S, the direct rival of the PlayStation 5, was released the very same week.

Sony’s next-gen console has been praised by most gamers especially those who have tried it, but as more and more individuals get their hands on the PlayStation 5, a few hardware errors have emerged. Several PlayStation 5 owners have experienced that the console emits a bizarre sound which was caused by a loose sticker found inside the console. During the console surgery, the sticker was seen dangling its way into the fan which caused a loud repetitive, and annoying sound.

Other PS5 owners also reported that they were encountering an issue that prevents the console’s DualSense controller from charging while the main system is in Rest Mode. Changing the console’s power supply setting or plugging the DualSense controller into one of the PlayStation 5’s rear USB hubs, allegedly fixes the problem.


Sony has just updated the PlayStation 5 FAQ, originally posted on the PlayStation Blog during the console’s launch, discussing that the PlayStation 5 will support Variable Refresh Rates after a future system firmware has been released.

Variable refresh rate or VRR can be enabled to remove tears and stutters by keeping the game’s refresh rate in sync with its frame rate. This provides a much smoother gameplay experience due to the fact that the refresh rate of the display and the game’s frame rate are perfectly in sync. However, VRR will only be available on TVs that support the same feature, and only a few games will have VRR support.

While both next-gen consoles launched almost two weeks ago, it seems that the PlayStation 5 is performing better in terms of sales figures. It has been reported that Sony’s console sold six times more units in Japan compared to the Xbox Series X|S during launch week.


In Japan, 118085 PlayStation 5 units were sold in its first week compared to just 20354 units for the Xbox Series X|S combined, and it is worth noting that Xbox even had a two-day head start. Now that the Black Friday deals are hastily approaching, it still appears that the PlayStation 5 will still continue to perform well in spite of reports of various hardware malfunctions.

The inclusion of a variable refresh rate feature on the PlayStation 5 may be shocking to some, as few anticipated such a massive performance update for the next-gen console so quickly. VRR will only be available to those who have a compatible TV display as well as in games too. However, for those who are able to use it, VRR will likely bring Sony’s PlayStation 5’ powerful hardware to even greater heights.

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