The PlayStation is probably one of the most groundbreaking gaming consoles that have existed, if not the most groundbreaking. To ensure that every gamer’s experience with this console is always the best, Sony is adding more features to PlayStation. 

For instance, the company offers the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Subscribers to this are given the opportunity to play select content and join others in multiplayer games alongside more special features. Also, subscribers can automatically back up saved game data to their online storage. 

PlayStation Plus has various tiers, namely the Essential, Extra, and Premium membership plans. By joining or subscribing to these plans, you get access to hundreds of PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and classic PlayStation games, as well as other great benefits that unleash the power of your PlayStation console. 

Each month, this service adds new games to the catalog. If you enjoyed the games released during the previous months, for sure, you will also enjoy the games Sony will be launching for the subscription service in the months to come. Recently, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Plus games for August 2023. Let’s reveal what these games are in this piece. 

Games Coming To PlayStation Plus In August 2023

So far, Sony has officially revealed three games for PlayStation Plus members in August 2023. The PlayStation Plus games for August 2023 are “PGA Tour 2K23,” “Dreams,” and “Death’s Door.”

Also, note that “PGA Tour 2K23” and “Death’s Door” have PlayStation 4 and 5 versions, while “Dreams” is only limited to the previous generation’s version of this game. 

These new titles are part of the service’s Essential tier, so any PlayStation Plus member can add them to their library and play with them without additional costs. 

According to Sony, these games will be available to PlayStation Plus members starting August 1st until September 4th. Don’t miss them!

Games Leaving PlayStation Plus Extra And Premium In August 2023

Unfortunately, though there are new games added to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium for the month of August, there are also games sadly leaving the subscription service this month. We hate to say this, but here are the games leaving PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in August:

  • “8-Bit Armies”
  • “Borderlands 3”
  • “Carmageddon: Max Damage”
  • “DCL – The Game”
  • “GRIP”
  • “Nidhogg”
  • “The Crew 2”
  • “Yakuza 0”
  • “Yakuza Kiwami”
  • “Yakuza Kiwami 2”

Don’t Miss These New Games On PlayStation Plus Extra And Premium!

Indeed, there is something for everybody concerning the list of PlayStation Plus games for August 2023. Every month, the subscription service gets new titles added to its catalog, letting players try new games while they remain subscribed or while the game is available within the subscription service. Remember, subscribers to all PlayStation Plus tiers get access to content added to the Essential tier. 

The PlayStation Plus catalog is constantly and continually expanding, so expect more games to be released for the subscription service in the upcoming months. Definitely. 

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