PlayStation Announces Work On 25 New PlayStation 5 Games In Latest Interview

Sony has announced that it is working on over 25 PlayStation 5 exclusives, most of which are brand new IPs. Following a recent article from Bloomberg, there was widespread concern about the PS5 game lineup, with rumblings of a lack of danger and further remakes/sequels.

According to the article, Sony was actively investing in Naughty Dog assets, to the point that this action seemed to be leaking into other studios including Bend Studio, resulting in games like Days Gone 2 being refused by Sony.


A new Uncharted title was in production at Bend for a short time before being shelved, and a reboot of The Last of Us was also in production at another new studio before being returned to Naughty Dog. Fans became concerned when they learned that Days Gone 2 was dead in the water and that it was a reboot of a game released seven years earlier.

PlayStation Studios president Herman Hulst wrote for Wired that there are over 25 different PlayStation exclusives in progress, with about half of them being new IPs. This should allay PlayStation fans’ fears, indicating that the company has a promising future ahead of it. This follows PlayStation’s aggressive investment in exclusives this year, demonstrating that the company’s reputation for producing big-name games isn’t going anywhere.


PlayStation has a fantastic lineup for 2021, but it seems that some of the major games will be pushed to next year. Sony was able to win third-party exclusives like Deathloop, so it won’t be a quiet year by all stretch, but some of the major machine sellers, such as God of War: Ragnarok, could be postponed to 2022. The firm is now bringing some of its services to PC, which would result in more sales and a larger audience.

Regardless, Sony’s future exclusives do not need to be released in 2021, since the PlayStation 5 is predicted to be in limited supply until at least mid-2022. This indicates that Sony isn’t in a rush to please a huge crowd, preferring to take advantage of the downtime to ensure that the games are as decent as possible and released to the widest possible audience. It’s not difficult to picture Sony hosting its own summer event this year to reveal any of the new PlayStation 5 exclusives.

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