Pokemon Go: How to catch the Legendary Cresselia

If you’ve been a Pokemon fan for the past few years, you probably know by now what the game wants you to do – catch ‘em all. Catching all these powerful monsters is easier than you think. Grabbing a Pidgey can be easy and something anyone can do with their eyes closed. However, there are other Pokemon that can be really difficult to get locked away inside a Pokeball.

Ever since raid battles were launched in Pokemon Go, players have been grinding a lot to get rare, legendary, and even mythical Pokemon. Most of the most powerful monsters in the game can be caught via 5-star a raid battle which is not always easy and will occasionally need various techniques and an army of Pokemon to take these rare up-for-grabs Pokemon down.

The most recent Pokemon featured in the game’s 5-star raids is Cresselia – the legendary lunar Pokemon. Cresselia will be in raids until September 18 when the next featured Pokemon comes in the way.

If you’re struggling to catch a Cresselia, as most players have been, here is an in-depth guide to making the challenge a little bit easier.

Pokemon Go Cresselia Move List

Cresselia is a Psychic-type Pokemon and has a few earth-shattering moves that can take out your team in seconds if you’re not prepared. It has the fast moves Confusion Dark and Psycho Cut and a wide range of charged attacks such as Future Sight, Moon Blast, and Aurora Beam. As mentioned above, this is a really difficult Pokemon to catch so players must choose their raid team wisely, or else the battle will be over before it has even started.

Countering Cresselia

The best counters to bring when going up against Cresselia are Dark-type Pokemon or at least a Pokemon that knows a Dark move. Bug and Ghost Pokemon will also deal decent damage to Cresselia. However, it is best to bring Dark-type since dark moves deal super effective damage and can ride out the desolating attacks Cresselia will unleash on your team.

These are some of the best Pokemon, along with their moves, that can stand against the mighty Cresselia:

    • Chandelure with Shadow Ball and Hex
    • Genesect with Fury Cutter
    • Giratina with Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw
    • Darkrai with Dark Pulse and Snarl
    • Houndoom with Foul Play and Snarl
    • Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and Psycho Cut
    • Tyranitar with Bite
    • Volcarona with Bug Buzz and Bug Bite
    • Weavile with Foul Play and Snarl

Catching Cresselia

Catching a Cresselia is not as difficult since her catch circle is in a far more favorable place compared to the previous Legendary Pokemon. The catch circle is located directly in her face which makes it easier to achieve great and excellent throws for players who have enough experience in Pokemon Go.

The best time to throw your balls is right after Cresselia busts her moves. Throwing later than this increases the risk of Cresselia batting your ball away. The Pokemon is of Legendary class which means luring her with golden razz berries will make things easier for you.

During the event, players can also encounter a Cresselia in her shiny form but they shouldn’t expect too much since the chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon is 1 of 20.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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