Pokemon Go Collaborates with The North Face and Gucci

Pokemon Go is no stranger to crossovers, especially ones related to fashion. As a matter of fact, the AR mobile game previously partnered with Longchamp last September in celebration of Fashion Week. However, this latest collaboration appears to be one of the strangest ones yet, as it appears that designer clothing company Gucci, as well as Pokemon Go and The North Face, will somehow be collaborating with each other.

The official Gucci account tweeted a teaser for the campaign a few days ago, which featured a dreamy shot of a campsite. The shot also featured a flag that had the Pokemon Go logo on it. Details were initially scarce regarding this collaboration, with Gucci tweeting a simple caption that something big is coming to Pokemon Go soon along with the campaign’s hashtag.

From what we can infer, it seems as if the partnership will feature clothing and outdoor equipment, with designs that took inspiration from throwback fashion from the 70s. That being said, we’re not entirely sure where Pokemon Go will fit into all of this, but long-time fans have already seen the mobile game crossover with unexpected companies like Uniqlo before as well.

Following the teaser tweet, the luxury fashion company posted several photos of the products that will be included in The North Face x Gucci collection. As we expected, there will be printed backpacks that, according to Gucci, is made out of ECONYL fabric, which is “nylon sourced from regenerated materials.”

There’s also what looks to be sturdy hiking boots that have the two companies’ logo emblazoned on the side. The soles are apparently made out of Goodyear welt, which means that it can be easily replaced when needed without causing damage to the boots.

The last tweet showcases what looks to be the campaign’s collection of puffer jackets or something similar to that kind of clothing. So far, none of the involved companies have revealed any information that is of value except for the fact that the collaboration between the three is a real thing that’s taking place.

As such, interested fans should definitely keep an eye out on their respective social media accounts for updates. Until then though, Pokemon Go players can go ahead and keep themselves occupied for the remaining days of December by participating in ongoing and upcoming events.

There’s actually a lot of exciting things to do and look forward to for the rest of this month and the first few days of January. For one thing, players are still in the middle of Pokemon Go’s Holidays 2020 event, which is full of special bonuses and spawns for fans to enjoy.

In addition to that, a New Year’s event was announced a few days ago, while the dates for the Mega Raid and legendary bosses for January 2021 have already been revealed as well. It has also been confirmed that next month’s Community Day will be dedicated to Machop, which will offer event-exclusive items and bonuses.

Without a doubt, Pokemon Go players will start the new year with so many things to do and new Pokemon to catch.


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