Pokemon Go Players Displeased With 7km Eggs

December has arrived in the blink of an eye, which means that Pokemon Go has officially begun its Season of Celebration event. It appears to be a really timely event too, given the fact that the Christmas season begins in December, which is the time for conveying kindness and goodwill to everyone.

However, it appears that a significant portion of Pokemon Go players hasn’t been feeling the festive and joyous holiday spirit. Instead, they have been frustrated with one particular feature in Pokemon Go, and that’s the Pokemon eggs.

More specifically, the players are unhappy with the current 7km eggs in Pokemon Go and the Pokemon inside them. In case you’re unaware, one requirement in order to hatch a Pokemon egg is to walk a specific number of kilometers, depending on the egg.

If the egg requires you to walk more kilometers than other eggs, there’s a pretty good chance that the Pokemon inside it is rare. In other words, the higher the number, the rarer the Pokemon will be.


It’s worth noting that the 7km eggs aren’t the rarest ones in Pokemon Go right now, as there are 10km and 12km eggs, but it’s these eggs in particular that seem to have annoyed the players.

Recently, a Reddit user and Pokemon Go player, u/Prymetyme420, posted on the unofficial Pokemon Go subreddit complaining about these particular eggs. The post, which was titled “7 km eggs are trash,” relayed the frustration felt by the user. To be more specific, players have to put in a lot of effort to reach the required number of kilometers only for their eggs to keep hatching the same Pokemon.

The Reddit user specifically mentions how they keep getting the same Alolan forms of Pokemon, which you may remember from Pokemon Sun & Moon. As such, the player wishes that Niantic either lowers their hatch rate for the 7km eggs or remove these forms completely.

Going through the post, it’s clear to see that user Prymetyme420 isn’t the only one with these complaints. The post currently has over 4,000 upvotes and more than 300 comments, with many saying that they feel the same way.

7 km eggs are trash from pokemongo

One other player commented that they hatched a Meowth five in a row, to which another user replied saying that it’s ridiculous how the most common Alolan forms of Pokemon that hatch from eggs are also the same ones that can easily be found in the wild.

One common complaint in the thread has to do with players who need a specific Pokemon to be hatched from an egg, only to never get them. Meanwhile, other players say that they have completely given up on hatching eggs and no longer care about them at this point.

Given how prevalent these complaints are against the 7km eggs, Niantic may want to make some changes to its hatch rates or perhaps implement some balancing adjustments to make the eggs worth hatching at all.

After all, we’re currently in the middle of a global pandemic that restricts our movement, so it’s definitely not easy to walk 7km given the current circumstances. As such, we definitely understand why players would be frustrated if they kept getting the same Pokemon over and over.

Hopefully, Niantic will address this issue and will make some changes on their part to ensure a happy fanbase.

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