Pokemon Go Players Extremely Frustrated With Game’s Removed Bonuses

Tensions between the Pokémon GO player base and the game’s creator, Niantic, appear to be at an all-time high, with a large number of gamers planning a boycott of the augmented reality smartphone game. This comes as the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary, which has been dubbed “Pokémon 25.”

When COVID-19 began to shut down the globe in 2020, Niantic made some substantial adjustments to Pokémon GO to accommodate a user population mainly confined to their homes while also fostering social isolation.

The adjustments were hugely effective since 2020 was the most financially successful year for Pokémon GO yet. Now, however, Niantic is attempting to restore Pokémon GO to its pre-pandemic condition. A sizable portion of the user population is so opposed to the move that a boycott has been organized.



According to the gamer and Twitter account Masterful 27 TL47, “Pokémon NO Day” will begin on Thursday, August 5. The “Pokémon NO Day” campaign is a one-day boycott of the augmented reality game. Twitter users Kratos TL50 and Kaito Nolan, as well as Masterful 27 TL47, are supporting the boycott by using the hashtag #BoycottNiantic in their postings.

Niantic was already having problems with its user base, as some expressed their dissatisfaction with how the game had become pay-to-win, a mindset that appears to be spreading to other Pokémon video games as well. All of this comes after Pokémon GO just surpassed $5 billion in revenue since its introduction or an average of $1 billion each year. It’s uncertain how much of a negative impact a one-day boycott will have on augmented reality and Niantic’s annual revenues.


While the decision to remove the stay-at-home benefits was predicted, it is odd for several reasons. There are rising concerns about the COVID-19 delta variant’s emergence, and removing the pandemic-safe characteristics now could be a bad idea.

Niantic’s decision to delete some of the features that brought them their highest annual profit to date is also strange. Whatever the developer’s reasons, it has caused a schism among the Pokémon GO community. No matter how few or many players engage in the boycott, August 5 will demonstrate exactly how wide that chasm has become.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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