Shortened Pokemon Go Season 5 Details Revealed By Niantic

Niantic has announced the details for the fifth season of Pokemon Go. Season 5, which was mentioned in a season 4 blog post will be shorter and will run for only three weeks rather than the usual six. However, the developers will be adding a lot of new content for trainers to undertake in the meantime, even though the upcoming season appears to be more of an opportunity for players to recollect before the sixth season. Season 5 will be officially starting on November 9, after the game celebrates the Day of the Dead event on November 1 and 2.

Pokemon Go Season was first introduced last March, and usually run for about six weeks and will feature various rewards and events. In the past seasons, trainers enhanced their ranks via a performance-based training system where they earn or lose points during battles they have engaged in, depending on the enemy and whether they won or lost. However, in the upcoming season, this has been changed with a system that computes rank based on how many battles a trainer has completed.


This will also likely be the season that initiates the promise of Niantic to shake up its selection of Pokemon available from hatching eggs. According to Pokemon Go Live, additional improvements will include trainers beginning at rank 7 will now have the opportunity to encounter Legendary Pokemon on the rewards tracks for the whole duration of the season.

Pokemon Go trainers who finish the season at rank 7 or above will be able to receive an Elite Charged TM in place of an Elite Fast TM. Lastly, there will also be three new cups added to the season instead of the usual one, with different restrictions and rewards, and will be available for a limited time only.

The Little Cup will be held from November 9, 1 PM PST Monday until November 16, 1 PM PST Monday. Only Pokemon that can evolve but haven’t evolved yet are qualified to join and the cup will have a 500 CP limit.

The Kanto Cup will instantly follow, from November 16, 1 PM PST Monday until November 23, 1 PM PST Monday. Only Pokemon from the Kanto region with a Pokedex number of #001 to #151 will be qualified to participate and the cup will have a 1500 CP limit.

Immediately following the Kanto Cup will be the Catch Cup which will run from November 23, 1 PM PST Monday until November 30, 1 PM PST Monday. Only Pokemon captured since the beginning of Season 5 will be qualified, with the exclusion of Mythical Pokemon, and will have a 1500 CP limit.

Attack moves will be getting an update in Season 5 as well. Incinerate will be added to Rapidash encountered in the Kanto region, Darmanitan encountered in the Unova region, Chandelure, Ho-Oh, and Typhlosion.

Flame Charge will now be teachable to Rapidash originally encountered in the Kanto region, Chandelure, Emboar, and Entei. Finally, Poison Sting has been upgraded to generate more energy and allow Pokemon to utilize their Charged Attacks more frequently.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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