Pokemon Go Season 7 Battle League Shinies and Rewards Announced

Niantic, the developer of the hit AR-game Pokemon Go, has revealed some information about its upcoming Season 7 Battle League. Pokemon Go recently ended the Season 6 Battle League’s Ultra League Premiere Cup, where players were restricted to only using Pokemon with 2500 CP or lower. And as a further restriction particularly for the Premiere Cup, Legendary and Mythical Pokemon were also banned from the contest.

The Pokemon Go Battle League was released at the start of last year to give players a new way to competitively enjoy the game. And while the developer has made changes to the Battle League every season as it attempts to find the best balance for its competitive game mode, the currently running Season 6  witnessed some of the biggest improvements thus far.


Some of these improvements include more than doubling the game mode’s ranks from 10 to 24, renaming the top ranks of the league, and giving new rewards for every rank. The current season also added a few unique events throughout its runs such as the abovementioned Premiere Cup, Love Cup, and the Kanto Cup.

Niantic announced some information for Battle League Season 7 in a new blog post. When Pokemon Go Battle League Season 7 starts on March 1, 2021, trainers will be able to claim their Season 6 rewards, such as an Elite Fast TM for those who attained rank 19 or higher.


While trainer ranks will be reset and the rank structure will be retained for Season 7, the development team revealed a few adjustments to the game for the new season. Trainers will now be able to encounter and capture specific Pokemon such as shinies, depending on their rank. And capturing specific Pokemon including Pupitar, Flaaffy, and Poliwhirl, during Battle League reward encounters will also reward more Candy XL.

Several of the rewards for Season 7 were also revealed, such as the Pikachu Libre avatar items for those who reach rank 10. Players that are able to attain rank 19 will obtain an Elite Charge TM and an Elite Fast TM at the end of the season. Lastly, players who are able to reach rank 24 will be rewarded with avatar items and a pose inspired by Elsa, the gym leader of Nimbasa from Pokemon Black and White.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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