Pokemon Go September Event: How to Unlock Mega Bracelets

The Mega Bracelet makes its way to Pokemon Go. This article will help players unlock the September special item.

Pokemon Go still remains as one of the most famous mobile games of this generation. Even with the existing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, players are still able to enjoy the game inside the comfort of their own homes. Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developer, actually had one of its most profitable months during the pandemic.

This is because players kept investing their time and money into Pokemon Go to keep themselves entertained at home thanks to the developers adjusting a few of the game’s features such as lessening the distance needed to interact with Pokestops and gyms, lengthening incense time, and allowing players to join the Battle League without cooldowns.

Mega Evolution has been an interesting feature in the Pokemon series and is now making its debut the Pokemon Go mobile game. The feature was introduced from the Pokemon X and Y main series which allows certain Pokemon to transform into a temporary fourth evolution while engaged in battle.

These fourth evolutions provide the Pokemon massive stat boost like no other. Pokemon such as Pinsir, Blastoise, and Mewtwo all have unlockable Mega Evolutions. Even though the feature works differently in Pokemon Go, it is still something worth your time if it strengthens your team.

While the Mega Bracelet is an important device used in Mega Evolution in the Pokemon main games, in Pokemon Go, it only serves as an avatar item. Players can easily buy the Mega Bracelet as a wearable item from the in-game shop.

The Mega Bracelet is worth 100 PokeCoins and is available in various colors – red, blue, yellow, and silver. The item doesn’t have any function in Pokemon Go and is just a display for the avatar.

Pokemon Go consistently adds new monsters each year. The game is currently releasing Pokemon from the sixth-gen games including fan-favorites like Diggersby, Diancie, and Greninja. It may take a few more updates before the mobile game catches up with the Pokemon main titles. However, it is worth noting that Pokemon Go is doing a great job in keeping its players focused on the game.


With new raid battles that feature rare Pokemon coming every week, there is so much to accomplish in the game. This is one of the reasons why Pokemon Go remains one of the best mobile games in the market.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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