Pokemon Go Teases the Addition of Shiny Ditto

Niantic’s highly popular AR mobile game, Pokemon Go, has been celebrating the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary in a variety of ways. One of these ways is the special Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event. One reason why this event is so exciting is because not only will it feature the original 151 Pokemon, but the event offers Pokemon Go players the chance to encounter and catch a Shiny Mew for the first time in the mobile game’s history.

Fans already have a good idea about what to expect in this event, as Niantic has done a great job at sharing all the necessary details. For instance, it has been confirmed that purchasers will have to choose between a Red or Green Version, and both of these options will have increased Shiny Rates for particular Pokemon from the Kanto region.

That being said, one of Pokemon Go’s recent tweets seems to suggest that Shiny Ditto will be one of the featured Pokemon during the Kanto Tour—or, at the very least, it will be rate-boosted.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Niantic already confirmed in the past that the Pokemon Go Kanto Tour will feature all the Shiny forms of the original 150, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Shiny Ditto would be included. However, according to the official Kanto Tour event page on Pokemon Go’s website, “only certain Pokemon will have an increased chance of being Shiny when encountered in the wild.”

Because of this disclaimer, players assumed that only a particular pool of Pokemon from the event will have a boosted chance of being Shiny. In other words, they thought that this would only apply to the specific Pokemon that are exclusive to either the Red or Green version of the tour.

While the developer’s tweet simply said that it had some additional details to share about the upcoming Kanto Tour, the tweet came with a specific image that captured the attention of the fans. Even though the image may seem vague, long-time Pokemon fans who are—at this point—experts when it comes to the nuances of the franchise’s video games, have pointed out that the accompanying picture could only suggest Shiny Ditto.


For starters, fans have noticed that the only time they see “Oh?” show up above a Poke Ball in Niantic’s AR mobile game is when they capture a Ditto that’s using the appearance of another Pokemon. The next reason for this ongoing theory has to do with the color of the capture-text.

Once a Pokemon has been successfully captured, the words written above the Poke Ball typically show the Pokemon’s name. Most of the time, the color of this particular text is white—unless the player catches a Shiny, in which case, the text’s color is yellow.

Seeing as the tweet showcases an “Oh?” with a yellow text, there’s only one possibility that makes sense. Based on all this gathered information, it’s highly likely that the pictured Poke Ball contains a Shiny Ditto inside of it. Since, as mentioned, Niantic already confirmed that there would be Shiny forms of all the original Pokemon, fans believe that the Pokemon Go Kanto Tour will put a special spotlight on Shiny Ditto somehow.

What this could entail is anyone’s guess as of this moment. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Niantic’s “additional details” will be all about.

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