Pokemon Go To Host Shiny Celebi Event To Promote New Movie

Pokemon Go is holding an exclusive event featuring the shiny form of Celebi to promote the franchise’s newest film, Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. Game Freak is doing everything it can to advertise its new movie, including introducing the new mythical Pokemon, Zarude.

Sadly, obtaining Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield is near impossible since it can only be acquired by purchasing tickets for the film’s Japanese release. This move from the developers has disappointed and frustrated a lot of international fans.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go has been consistently adding new content for the past few months, and not all of it can be associated with the new movie. Recently, Pokemon Go developer Niantic revealed its plans for this month’s Community Day event, which will increase the likelihood of encountering shiny Pokemon which were previously featured in past Community Days throughout 2019 and 2020.

This has led to such an expansive collection that December’s Community Day will actually be taking place for two days, stretching over the 12th and 13th. It’s certain to be a huge event for Pokemon Go trainers and a fantastic way for them to complete their rosters.

However, the December Community Day event isn’t the only exclusive celebration fans can look forward to joining this month. Pokemon Go Live has revealed that Pokemon the Movie is collaborating with Pokemon Go beginning December 14.

By finishing a Special Research set of challenges on the stated date, trainers will get the opportunity to capture a mysterious and ultra-rare shiny Celebi. In a shocking story twist, trainers will be guided through this series of challenges not by Professor Willow, but by the original Team Rocket duo of Jesse and James.

These adorable Pokemon Thieves will be returning to the game with new Shadow Pokemon on their side. Finally, in addition to increased chances of encountering Pokemon featured in the new movie, trainers will also have the chance to encounter the adorably dressed Explorer Pikachu. This event will be held beginning December 14 until December 21.


Unlike the controversial partnership with Pokemon Sword and Shield, players won’t have to get movie tickets from Japan to participate in the event. This is the most recent in a lengthy and illustrious tradition of exclusive events in Pokemon Go, which wasn’t that affected by the effects of the global pandemic.

Pokemon Go, which is mostly based on actively exploring the environment, had an impressive response to having its players trapped inside their homes because of lockdowns. The developers have offered various rewards and freebies to ensure that player progression is not compromised and is even extending these freebies until June 2021 as mandates are revised.

Pokemon has proven to be a legendary game. When it released back in 2016, it shifted the social landscape for several months and that grandiose release period remains an unreachable standard for mobile games.

It may not be quite as popular as it was back then but Pokemon Go still remains a beloved and sought-after game, and come December 14, there are certainly a lot of players picking up their phones to get their hands on that shiny Celebi.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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