New Pokemon Journeys Episodes Finally Arriving To Netflix March 2021

It appears that all things Pokemon have been giving fans curveballs as of late, from new endeavors into DLC expansions for Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch to exciting new pieces of merchandise to an all-new take on the anime, most notably.

Pokemon Journeys has come along with tons of surprises, but possibly the biggest change compared to the previous seasons is that Ash and his friends travel to various regions in the Pokemon world almost every episode.

While many fans have long craved for a game that allows them to travel between the series’ many unique locations, the most recent season of the anime has at least provided them a glance of what could be like.


Taking Ash and his newest traveling partner Goh to a different area in every episode has kept Pokemon Journeys fresh, not to mention Goh being one of Ash Ketchum’s most diverse traveling companion’s yet, with a goal to capture every Pokemon, especially the Legendary Mew. While it has been a couple of months since fans overseas have watched new episodes of the anime, they can anticipate more episodes very soon.

The Pokemon anime airs episodes fairly regularly over in Japan, but they have come in batches to those abroad via Netflix since June 2020. Now, the official Twitter account of Pokemon has posted that new episodes of Pokemon Journeys will be arriving in the popular streaming app on March 5, 2021.

Bulbapedia, a crowd-sourced database for all things Pokemon, lists that the newest set of episodes will include episodes 37 to 48. While episodes 49 to 58 have either already aired or are slated to air in Japan, it is not yet certain when those episodes will arrive on Netflix overseas.

However, it appears like Pokemon Journeys fans are in for some surprises with the forthcoming episodes, some of which feature a return to the Alola region, a fight against the extremely chaotic Legendary Pokemon Eternatus, and even a cameo by Mewtwo.

Fans keeping up with the anime’s latest season on Netflix are hyped to see not only Goh and Ash grow and learn as trainers, but the improvement of their Pokemon as well. Pokemon Journeys has surprised fans everywhere as of late, by not only giving Ash some remarkably strong additions to his team but particularly with the recent addition of a long-running fan-favorite Legendary Pokemon to Goh’s collection.

Though 2020 was indeed an exciting year for Pokemon, 2021 is shaping up to be just as interesting, with the series commemorating its 25th anniversary this February. It will be exciting to witness what other surprises Pokemon has in store for fans everywhere throughout this year.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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