Dinosaurs are seemingly even more popular than other animals out there. However, whether or not these prehistoric creatures really existed is still a debatable topic until today. Nonetheless, dinosaurs are a phenomenon. 

Both children and adults love dinosaurs. You will still see grown-ups collecting dinosaur toys, right? Its popularity also reverberates in pop media, for instance. You are familiar with “Jurassic Park,” “Dinosaur Island,” and even, of course, the famous cute pink dinosaur Barney. 

It’s not only in movies that dinosaurs have made a mark but also in games. Search around, and you’ll find literally several games based on these terrifying creatures. Here are some of them. 

‘Jurassic World Evolution 2’ 

“Jurassic World,” the renowned film franchise from Universal Pictures, is also a popular theme park attraction. But, if you don’t have the time or the money to visit these theme parks, you can simply stay home and play games inspired by them, such as “Jurassic World Evolution 2.”

Its developer, Frontier Developments, pits its players versus nature, nurture, and seriously disgruntled scientists who wish to get their hands on the ultimate Jurassic Park. Here, you encounter not only dinosaurs roaming the land but also flying and swimming dinosaurs. 

Plus, the voice of Jeff Goldblum, reprising the ever-cynical Dr. Ian Malcolm in this sequel that can make you forget the stressful world around you.

‘ARK: Survival Evolved’

PVP Live has been including this game in various previous lists here. “ARK: Survival Evolved” is fantastic. Developed by Studio Wildcard, this action-adventure survival video game urges players to survive while being stranded in several locations with dinosaurs walking like it’s their shopping spree in the mall, fictional fantasy monsters, and other prehistoric animals, together with natural hazards and calamities, as well as potentially hostile human players. If you think other games based on dinosaurs are childish, play “ARK: Survival Evolved.”


But there’s nothing wrong with playing “childish” dinosaur games, right? After all, dinosaurs are an iconic part of many childhoods. Consider this game by Washbear Studio, where you can simulate the life of somebody taking care of dinosaurs. 

Everything about “Parkasaurus” is colorful and oh-so-satisfying. The developers made the anatomies of the dinosaurs here less fearsome as they go with rounded edges and unconventional structures. Its dinosaurs are not trained to bite but to make you feel that how you care for them is wondrous and special. 

This is the perfect game for you if you want a more chilled experience with dinosaurs – a great alternative to the usual dinosaur games that scare. 

‘Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island’

Dinosaurs have an incredible presence in the world of Super Mario, albeit these creatures are portrayed as intensely cute, playful, and adorable. This game from Nintendo will have players controlling not Mario, not Luigi, but Yoshi, the friendly dinosaur every “Super Mario” fan is familiar with. 

You will embark on a quest to reunite baby Mario with Luigi, his brother, who gets kidnapped by the villain, Kamek. You’ll see Yoshi most of the time here, if not all the time. He’ll run and jump to reach the end of the levels, solving puzzles and collecting items with Mario’s help.

‘Lego Jurassic World’

You’re already with dinosaurs, so why don’t you take your gameplay experience to the highest level by having these creatures, LEGOs, “Jurassic World,” and the joys of gaming rolled into one? 

Not only is this game by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Fusion one of the best dinosaur-based games you can play right now, but it is also one of the best LEGO games ever created. 

For those who treat corny stuff as their pet peeve, you will love “Lego Jurassic World.” Its levels are based on the classic “Jurassic World” movie from 1993, not the recent films. 

If you’ll open your mind to the fact that LEGOs can also be scary, head to the raptor-filled darkness here. 

Google Chrome’s ‘DINO GAME’

Google is such an enormous company that it has to venture into dinosaurs in one way or another. And it does. It has the “DINO GAME,” which people who don’t have access to offline games play. They’ll laugh at you if you haven’t tried this game. 

Well, “DINO GAME” is a game that is playable on the Google Chrome browser, usually when you don’t have an Internet connection. Here, the player guides a pixelated Tyrannosaurus rex across a side-scrolling landscape, perhaps a desert, since there are cacti, avoiding them to achieve the highest score possible. 

Google is so genius to create this game that prevents you from scratching your head and breaking down when you suddenly lose Internet connectivity.

‘Jurassic World’ In ‘Minecraft’

“Minecraft” is so popular it shouldn’t miss the colossal market revering dinosaurs. This game is actually a “Minecraft” DLC available from the Minecraft Marketplace for the Bedrock Edition. 

And don’t underestimate this game based on “Jurassic World.” It may be “Minecraft,” but players will head to an island where they can find a Jurassic World they won’t only explore but actually run as its new manager. Open its gates to tourists, stop disasters, fix sabotage, and unearth sites for DNAs of 60 different dinosaurs. You must be heading to Google Search right now.

‘Dino Run DX’

“Dino Run DX” by Pixeljam is a dinosaur-based game that resembles Google Chrome’s “DINO GAME.” It is also a pixel game with obstacles, but this time, it is a racing game. It has three single-player modes you can choose from, challenging you to complete speed runs, and a Free Run mode should you wish for a more relaxed running spree. You can even dress up your tiny raptors in an assortment of hats available for you as you unlock them during races.

Dinosaurs are gigantic, are fearsome, and can engulf any human being that passes their way. But with these truly T-Rexcellent games, dinosaurs are your friends. 

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