PS5 Launches Additional Support For Apple Music

The PS5 has the ability to play music in the background via Spotify, which is a nice function. PS5 owners may now utilize Apple Music, among other services, to stream their favorite tunes as of today.

Apple Music was rumored to be coming to the PS5 in recent weeks after pictures appeared showing the option to sign in to the service via the PS5’s Control Center. Spotify has been PlayStation’s principal music streaming service for years, and it was even dubbed “PlayStation Music” during the PS4 era.

By logging into Spotify on both the PS4 and PS5, players may have their favorite songs, playlists, and podcasts playing in the background, which can be incredibly handy when doing repetitive activities for a trophy or just to have anything other than the noises of gameplay. It’s huge for Sony to bring Apple Music to the PS5 environment.


Sony confirmed today’s availability of Apple Music for PS5 in an official PlayStation Blog post. The PS5 is “the first gaming system to deliver an integrated Apple Music experience,” according to Erin Metzger, Director of Product Management at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Apple Music comes with a comprehensive app, similar to Spotify, that allows users to listen to over 90 million songs, explore playlists, watch 4K music videos, and even listen to Apple Music Radio.

This new development comes after a campaign earlier this year in which PS5 subscribers were given six months of Apple TV+ for free, marking the start of a business connection between Sony and Apple.

Metzger offers two primary ways to use Apple Music’s services after downloading the program from the PS5’s Media area. Users may easily see their Apple Music library by tapping the PlayStation home button on the DualSense controller, then selecting the Music icon on the PS5’s Control Center, presuming they have already logged in after downloading the program.


Users may also launch the Apple Music app from the Media menu to get the full service, which includes playlist browsing and music video viewing. Metzger points out that if a player wishes to return to their game or go somewhere else on the PS5, the music video’s audio will continue to play without interruption.

Despite including a Spotify option on the PS5 Media Remote, Sony decided to bring Apple Music to the console. For customers, this is fantastic news, as Apple Music accounts for a sizable share of the music streaming industry, and now its subscribers may access services on PS5 that Spotify users have had access to for years. Given how large of a brand Apple is and how many people use its products, it’s odd that this is only the first console where Apple Music is available.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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