PUBG Rumored To Have Tournament-Style Game Mode

It has been a rollercoaster ride for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently, with the game banning over 2 million cheaters on mobile, as well as reaching $3.5 billion from microtransactions alone.

This new update hasn’t been officially confirmed, but there’s a rumor that a tournament mode will be made available to PUBG soon. Many players of the game were really excited when Ranked Solo was officially confirmed, while they had to wait over three years for a Ranked Mode to be released at all.

That said, a recent leak has claimed that a brand-new mode will be making its way to this renowned title. This mode was described to have tournament-style gameplay, which is a big change from the usual battle royale format.


A leaker otherwise known as PlayerIGN has stated that the alleged new mode will be called Vostok. It’s said that Vostok will be a blend of FPS and the auto battler genre also known as auto chess. This type of mechanics was popularized by the mod DOTA 2 Auto Chess.

Now, this kind of genre is more strategic and turn-based, giving you the chance to not only recruit but to upgrade your units. These units would then “auto-battle” the opponent’s units, just like in your regular game of chess.

In the video that PlayerIGN posted, the leaker claims that Vostok will be composed of 1v1 battles wherein each player will fight it out with limited spawns. Players would have three lives each, and each encounter is done by rotations where they get the chance to upgrade gear or win money. This goes on until one player wins.

If you’ve played PUBG before, you’d know what a big change this will be if this rumor is proven to be true. After all, the game usually only receives updates that don’t really switch up the gameplay drastically.

Based on what we can understand from this leak, Vostok seems to be a completely new game. Although PlayerIGN states that existing elements from PUBG would be incorporated while simply adding a new twist to the game.

That being said, please do take this rumor with a grain of salt, since there are no official announcements yet. If it were true, though, it would definitely be a very interesting take on PUBG.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available on PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, as well as mobile devices.

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