Are you young and looking for a well-paid remote job in a reputable company? Do you think this option will help you to earn good money and keep studying and working? You’re absolutely right! But you have to find a reliable provider of work. We suggest considering at-home packing jobs. Such occupations aren’t difficult and don’t require many years of experience in the shipping industry. Are there any good vacancies to work from home packing and shipping goods?

Uss-Express LLC has opened a vacancy for a quality manager. What do such specialists do? What are the benefits and disadvantages of this packing job at home? Can Uss-Express guarantee that all the best working conditions will be provided to its employees? These are the questions we are going to answer in this review, so keep reading and make your best choice!

What’s good about working as a quality manager?

We cannot estimate the benefits of the position only by looking at the website of the company. However, we can take a look at the impressions of former workers of the Uss-Express company. So we did this and, thanks to our small research, managed to specify the most common benefits and downsides of the quality manager position at Uss-Express.


  • salaries are paid regularly and in complete amounts;
  • stable and productive performances are rewarded with financial bonuses:
  • the possibility of acquiring new skills and enter the shipping industry with minimum knowledge of the area;
  • as a specialist of the agency, you will be able to improve your performance with the help of the free digital solution developed by the digital department of Uss-Express;
  • Uss-Express doesn’t ask candidates to apply only if they have specific experiences in the shipping and delivery sector.

Obviously, shipping jobs from home cannot be perfect. Usually, negative comments about the job of a quality manager contain the following points:

  • you store all the parcels at home, which might bother your private life;
  • sometimes it’s difficult to cope with the workload;
  • customers can have very specific requirements regarding quality, which must be met in any case.

What will be the duties if you are hired?

Uss-Express claims that it pays from $1,700 to part-timers up to $3,200 per month to full-time employees. What do you have to do in order to receive this salary and count on additional bonuses for highly productive performance? Here are the quality manager’s responsibilities:

  • repack items;
  • choose packing materials;
  • put labels;
  • compile reports;
  • send parcels with labels to specific addresses.

The reputation of Uss Express – all as it is

“I have experience in a company. I would like to note a relatively free work schedule, a decent salary (very decent amounts came out on some days), and excellent communication with managers (almost always in touch, you don’t have to be nervous because no one answers in the chat). I can recommend a job with really good conditions. But of course, you need to work, without it nowhere.”

We trust employee reviews on verified platforms. The one above, for example, is a testimonial posted by the person with the username Elena on Trustpilot. From this review, we can conclude that this worker has had a positive experience. But what about all the other employees? Do they confirm that Uss-Express has a good reputation among workers? To understand this, we looked through other review platforms. Here is a table representing the reputation of this company in scores.

PlatformScore (out of 5)Number of reviews (as of the date of writing)

Apply for an interview in less than a minute

We answered the most common questions about Uss-Express. The employer is trusted and reliable, it pays good money, and the quality manager isn’t very complicated, even for complete beginners. Everyone can work from home shipping packages; you just need to take a few steps toward this position.

  1. File the application form for candidates.
  2. Take a 10-minute job interview.
  3. Complete a training session and a trial period.

That’s it! We wish you all the best!

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