RE8 Lady Dimitrescu’s Height Compared to Legendary Pokemon

Resident Evil 8’s main villain, Lady Dimitrescu, has captivated the world with her intimidating eminence, so much that her height is beginning to be compared to various Legendary Pokemon. Lady Dimitrescu plays the role of a stalker in Resident Evil 8, and her bizarre height could make her a bit more frightening than some of the most powerful Pokemon.

When Lady Dimitrescu was announced, players immediately became obsessed with her pale beauty, but not because of her flawless skin. Rather, fans from all walks of life were drawn toward her height, leading many to attempt and compute how tall she is.

The recognition for Lady Dimitrescu didn’t go unrecognized and resulted in Resident Evil 8’s art director unveiling her official height. Including her iconic hat and heels, Lady Dimitrescu’s height measures 9 feet 6 inches.


After her official height was revealed, Lady Dimitrescu was quickly compared to different other fictional characters such as Master Chief, past Resident Evil villains, and a refrigerator. Twitter Gaming also participated in on the fun by comparing RE 8’s villain to a couple of Legendary Pokemon that share the same height.

Pokemon Black’s Zekrom as well as the two Legendary dogs from Pokemon Sword and Shield also measures in at 9’6”. And there are several other Legendary Pokemon that Twitter Gaming didn’t disclose that Lady Dimitrescu towers over.

If Lady Dimitrescu was a part of the Pokemon franchise, it would be quite entertaining to see her stand next to some of the franchise’s strongest Pokemon. Melmetal, one of the newest Mythical Pokemon in the game, stands over a foot shorter than Lady Dimitrescu.

Necrozma, Mewtwo as well as the three Legendary Birds and Dogs would all be overshadowed by the Resident Evil 8 villain. For an even more absurd comparison, it would take seven Pikachus stacked on top of each other to reach the same height as Lady Dimitrescu.

Of course, there are plenty of strong Legendary Pokemon that would make Lady Dimitrescu’s height comical. Giratina and Rayquaza are both more than 20 feet long, and Eternatus is a massive 65 feet long. However, when compared to how Ash Ketchum or the other mainline games’ protagonists stack up to the Legendaries, Lady Dimitrescu is a sight to look at.

With her vampiric capabilities and the help of her daughters, it would be even more exciting to see how Resident Evil 8’s Lady Dimitrescu would fare in battle with Pokemon of her own size.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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