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Before, everything seemed so silent on Instagram. But since the world’s famous photo-sharing platform has introduced Instagram Music, things got even more exciting – and a lot noisier (in a good way). 

Instagram now allows its users to add up to a minute and a half duration of music to their in-feed photo posts, and also to their Stories and Reels. 

However, there are instances when Instagram Music, as Instagram informs you, is not available in your account, and at this point, things can get really devastating. 

So in this article, we will explore why this error appears and how to fix this quickly. Read on.

Why Instagram Music Is Not Available In Your Account: Instances

1. There Might Be An Instagram Bug

Instagram’s Music feature may not work properly for a few weeks, a reason why many Instagram users who experience this report this issue when they try to add music to their Stories. 

This could happen because of copyright issues, an unstable Internet connection, or an error on the app. 

There are also users under Business accounts who might find this error. 

You may also get this error if your Instagram app is outdated or not updated. 

Furthermore, when Instagram blocks your account, Instagram Music will not be available for placing on your Stories. You can research and read articles that tackle Instagram blocking and how you can solve this. 

To resolve this part, here is a quick tip. You can change your profile from Personal to Business, or vice-versa whichever you are having right now, and it can be possible that the issue gets resolved within a day or two.

2. Instagram Music Is Not Available In Your Region

Adding music to your Stories has been a way to make your content more engaging, appealing, and emotional. However, some accounts do not have this feature. 

The reason: this is since there are countries that do not have this feature because of copyright issues. 

Either only some countries have this feature available, or the feature is yet to be launched where you are, which is why it is not (yet) available in your country.  

Instagram Music grabs permission and rights from record labels, and due to this, the feature is only available in some countries, not all. 

3. Limit Of Instagram Music You Can Include In Your Live Video

If you manage a Business account on Instagram, you can find yourself in this unavailability because of some copyright issues and policies of the platform. Instagram Music may not be available for branded content and ads. 

Also, a limit has been set up to adding music to your Instagram Live videos because of licensing agreements. 

Since several users just grab the music of others, sometimes without permission, Instagram takes charge of making the necessary adjustments.

7 Quick Fixes When You See This Error

Here are seven effective solutions and quick fixes should you see that Instagram Music is not available in your account.

Quick Fix # 1: Update Your Instagram 

The first solution when Instagram Music is not working in your account is to update the app. Just go to App Store or Google Play Store and tap Update to update Instagram to its latest version. Make sure you are connected to the Internet while doing this process.

Quick Fix # 2: Reinstall Instagram

If you did the previous solution, and Instagram Music still is not working, try this method. Press and hold the Instagram app on your home screen, click the X button, and click the Delete to install the app. This is for iOS devices. To uninstall Instagram on Android, proceed to Google Play, look for the Instagram app, and click Uninstall. Then just download and install it again. Sometimes, enabling Instagram Music on your account only takes this quick fix.

Quick Fix # 3: Sign Out And Sign In To Instagram 

Here is another method that can work. Go to your Profile, click the three horizontal lines, tap Settings, and tap the Log out button. Then, simply sign back into your account and see if Instagram Music is already available. 

Quick Fix # 4: Switch To A Personal Or Creator Account

More often than not, Instagram Music becomes not available under an Instagram Business account. Why? Instagram prohibits Business accounts from adding music to Stories because of copyright issues.

Obviously, the solution here is simple. You already guessed it. Yes, switch to a Personal or Creator account, and see if Instagram Music already works. 

Quick Fix # 5: Convert The Music To MP4

Another reason Instagram Music is unavailable includes the inaccessibility of the particular song in your location and removal from the Instagram app. This time, you can instead download the song you want to include in your content, convert it to an MP4 file, and then share it on Instagram. Many of those who did this method have resolved the issue.

Quick Fix # 6: Use A VPN

Currently, the Instagram Music sticker is only available in certain countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Germany, and the like. If Instagram Music is not working in your location, you can use a VPN to bypass the restriction. 

Quick Fix # 7: Connect With Instagram’s Support Team

If the methods discussed above still do not enable Instagram Music in your account, you can connect with Instagram’s support team. 

To do this, navigate to your Profile, tap Settings, then Help. Then, tap Report a Problem, and type the details based on the on-screen instructions. Sometimes, the support team responds fast, and sometimes you need to wait for a reply.

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