Red Dead Redemption 2 A Big New Feature May Be Coming

Some information in the Naturalist files were found by a code-diver that should make some Red Dead Redemption 2 content creators thrilled.




@VideoTech_ took a dive into the files of Red Dead Redemption 2 July 28 Naturalist update and discovered a “new mention” that wasn’t present in the Moonshiner DLC. What the code-diver found was some text that referenced Director Mode and blocked Jack Marston in this mode, which leads the Twitter user to believe Director Mode will be “likely” coming, sadly without Marston as a playable character.

With Director Mode, content creators will be able to create interactions between characters that wouldn’t be possible in the main game. With a whole new range of options and tools for creators, This would be great for the Machinima and digital movie-making communities that Red Dead Redemption has as a community in general.


There’s still a lot that’s unconfirmed because this is just a leak, although people would be glad to see it coming to the game. It’s uncertain whether it is coming in a future update or to next-gen consoles. Many comments on the original tweet seem to think the latter. For Director Mode to come to RDR2 it would also mean the Rockstar Editor would most likely need to come as well, which hasn’t happened yet. Red Dead Redemption fans are still excited to see Director Mode whether it comes sooner or later.

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