Resident Evil 3 Might Still Make Its Way to the Switch, According to Dataminers

Capcom has released a bunch of its Resident Evil games to the Nintendo Switch, but fans of the newer titles such as the remakes aren’t as lucky, as these are conspicuously absent from the Switch library.

Even though there was a rumor earlier this year saying that Resident Evil 3 would be ported to the Nintendo Switch, it seemed that it was simply untrue. That is until recently, as dataminers were able to find evidence that seemed to revitalize the rumor once more.

After Nintendo suddenly released a new Direct Mini: Partner Showcase video out of nowhere, it was revealed that Control will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch console via the cloud.

You might be wondering: what does Control’s Switch release have to do with Resident Evil? Well, because of this new announcement, fans were able to discover a potential cloud version of Resident Evil 3.

Earlier today, dataminers rifled through the website of Control Ultimate Edition Cloud Version, which led to the discovery of a Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version. The information found looks pretty believable as well.

Dataminers found an image of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, two protagonists from Resident Evil 3. Now, the discovered image is the same photo used as cover art for the game, only this time it has the words “Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version” on it.

After they discovered the photo and subsequently posted it online, the file mysteriously disappeared from the cloud streaming site.

That being said, there’s still no official announcement from Capcom, and given our experience with Resident Evil 3’s previous leaks and rumors, we have yet to find out if this discovery will turn out to be true or not.

In any case, this wouldn’t be the first time that a Resident Evil game was released on the Nintendo Switch with the help of cloud streaming. More specifically, Resident Evil 7 was previously ported to the Switch through the cloud, since the title is too technologically advanced and the Switch isn’t capable of handling the game on its own without any help.

It would be great if this leak turns out to be true so that players can play Resident Evil 3 anywhere and everywhere. However, there’s still one potential problem: there’s still a chance that not everyone will be able to play the game.


You see, the cloud version of Resident Evil 7 was only released in Japan, and neither Capcom nor Nintendo has shown any signs that it will be launched anywhere else.

On the bright side, cloud streaming is becoming more and more commonplace in areas outside of Japan, so this could still change in the near future. However, it’s best not to keep your hopes up for now and manage your expectations.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing handheld console that you can bring around with you thanks to its portability. With the advent of cloud streaming, the Switch is now able to make up for its limitations.

As a matter of fact, cloud streaming has gotten so popular nowadays that other services such as Stadia, xCloud, and even the new Amazon Luna are utilizing it. In any case, Resident Evil 3 fans will just have to wait and see if the survival horror game will truly make its way to the Switch.

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