Resident Evil 8 Character and Plot Details Revealed in Recent Leak

Warning! Possible Resident Evil 8 spoilers in this article!

The entire plot of Resident Evil 8 has been leaked online from start to end through cutscene titles. Capcom’s next major installment to the Resident Evil franchise features the continuation of Ethan Winter’s story from the previous game and marks the return of mainstay Chris Redfield, who made a cameo at the end of Resident Evil 7 and will supposedly play as a monstrous villain in the upcoming sequel.

Resident Evil 8 has been specifically hit hard by the recent major hacking of Capcom. The developer saw much of its private information stolen by a group of hackers, who also possibly gained thousands of personal data of customers.

In the weeks following the attack, these hackers have been spilling information on Capcom’s future game releases. As a result of the attack, Capcom’s entire plans for the next four years will potentially be leaked.

As expected, the Resident Evil franchise is much respected in the plans for the future of the gaming studio; in addition to Resident Evil 8, fans can also anticipate a Resident Evil 4 remake and other spinoff games such as Resident Evil Outrage.

However, Resident Evil 8’s release date is not the only information about the upcoming game that was leaked. A post from an anonymous Twitter user has been making rounds on the social media site which features the titles of seventeen cutscenes from Resident Evil 8. These cutscene titles contain significant spoilers for the entire story of the game, so avid fans who want to sustain their excitement should STOP READING NOW.

The story appears to start with a car crash that involves Ethan and a character named Elena, and as expected from a Resident Evil game, things quickly escalated from here. There is also an entry mentioning the protagonist Ethan Winters dying, following a cutscene called “Chris Edition Start”, which might imply that players will be shifting their roles to Chris Redfield.


A villain called Miranda is mentioned throughout and is beaten near the end of the list of cutscenes. There is also a massive bomb that gets installed in the middle of the game, which should create some intense moments depending on who uses it and why.

The Resident Evil franchise is popular for its morbid, twist-driven plots, and this game is building up to be a worthy installment to that legacy. The gameplay and plot that connects these cutscenes likely won’t be totally understood until the game actually launches, but there is still a lot of details to digest.

Chris Redfield’s mysterious and threatening actions during the trailers might be more vindicated than what fans think, and since the final cutscene appears to illustrate him and Ethan’s wife Mia escaping by helicopter, it’s a safe bet that there is more to his story than meets the eye.

The recent Capcom leak has been an extremely upsetting event in the gaming industry, and even now, almost a whole month after the hacking, the fans are still experiencing its effects. It is still unknown what the full scope of the hacking is, or how much risk it poses to the customers whose personal details were leaked.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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