Retro Studios is Hiring Again for Metroid Prime 4 Development

The Metroid franchise in and of itself is already pretty highly-acclaimed, but probably the most beloved sub-series is Metroid Prime. It was initially released on the Nintendo GameCube, and it quickly rose above the ranks and became the game of the year numerous times.

In recent news, it appears that the team behind Metroid Prime 4 is now ready to continue to the next phase in its development. Metroid Prime’s fourth installment has been under development for over three years now, but information regarding its progress has been scarce.

Nintendo may not have revealed any news about the upcoming game, but fans have been making speculations based on Retro Studios’ website. More specifically, Retro Studios recently opened three new product tester positions, as well as a storyboard artist position.

You can view these job listings on its company website. The job openings for the product testers were posted on September 30, while the latter was added on October 5.

There’s not a lot of information revealed, but what caught our eye is the fact that the job descriptions refer to pre-released software. As such, it’s quite obvious that the studio doesn’t want to reveal outright that these positions will be for Metroid Prime 4.


However, if you think about the timing of these job listings and the fact that there’s not a lot of feedback regarding the title’s release, we assume that the developers at least have some kind of playable version or build of Metroid Prime 4.

That said, it’s definitely worth mentioning that all we have right now is purely speculation, and there’s no official announcement just yet. As such, it’s best to consider these postings with reservation, as it’s still possible that Retro Studios has other ongoing projects outside of Metroid Prime 4.

Another possibility is that these recently-opened job positions could be related to the rumored Nintendo Switch port of the Metroid Prime franchise.

Here’s a bit of information regarding Metroid Prime’s history: around two years after the fourth installment was announced, the project was completely thrown away and development for the titled was passed over to Retro Studios, which was coincidentally the same developer for the previous Metroid Prime titles.

As a matter of fact, the same studio is known for developing other popular games such as Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze, its sequel. If we’re lucky, Retro Studios will be more transparent when it comes to Metroid Prime 4’s development and will provide us with actual news updates about its progress.


That being said, after Nintendo made the announcement that they’re handing Metroid Prime 4’s development over to Retro Studios, avid fans scoured every nook and cranny of the internet in an attempt to gather any piece of information they could find.

After their attempts, the only news fans were able to find regarding the title’s development only has to do with the different developers that were enlisted to Metroid Prime 4’s team of developers.

The most recent developer included in the team over at Sony Santa Monica is one of God of War’s former developers.

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