Riot Games Currently Working on Valorant’s Repeating Maps Issue

Released only three months ago, Valorant has been pretty popular in the gaming community, with gamers of all ages playing from all over the world. However, this competitive shooter game is still limited when you think about the content it currently offers.

The gameplay experience is polished – Riot made sure of that – but you will see its limitations when it comes to the game’s maps. And this problem is further worsened by a bug in Valorant that causes the maps to repeat. Fortunately, the team over at Riot is aware of this issue and they have confirmed that they’re currently working on a fix.


Valorant is a fun game in and of itself, so you might wonder why repeating maps is a big deal. Well, it’s really not that big of a deal, but it can make the game repetitive and boring. A typical game of Valorant takes about 30-40 minutes, and the game itself works on a best of 25 round format.

Now, these rounds can last up to 100 seconds plus an extra 30-second preparation phase wherein you can purchase weapons. In other words, this means that if your game is intense and the teams are evenly matched, one game could last as long as 50 minutes.

Understandably, being queued back into the same map when you already spent almost an hour there wouldn’t exactly be a fun experience.


That being said, this issue is simply called a “bug” because there’s nothing actually broken in the game. The repetition of maps is caused by how the game was created, that is, Valorant doesn’t have a map selection system, and Riot isn’t planning on adding one anytime soon.

Valorant uses randomization to choose the maps for you, and given the fact that there are currently only four maps, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you end up getting the same one over and over.

Of course, Riot Games would want the game to remain fresh and relevant, so they’re going to make some minor changes. Since there’s no actual issue that needs fixing, the company is developing a solution wherein maps aren’t repeated as much as they are right now.

This doesn’t mean that maps won’t be repeated at all, though. Remember: there are only four maps right now. However, what they’re going to do is make sure that the game’s automated map selector will “less likely” choose the same map after a match.

What adds to the issue is the fact that some maps are more difficult than others. More specifically, players absolutely dislike the map Split, so imagine their frustration when Valorant keeps choosing this map for them.

Of course, more maps added to the game could fix this bug, but obviously that would take more time and effort than their current solution. That being said, we’re definitely satisfied that Riot Games has heard our complaints and are at least working on something to soothe the problem.

Although their current solution won’t completely get rid of the issue, it’s good enough for now. Hopefully, they’ll add more maps in the future in order to have less repetition, or give us the option to choose our own maps.

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