In 2018, “Red Dead Redemption 2” was launched, receiving overwhelmingly high acclaim from the gamers. The following year, its online version, “Red Dead Online,” launched, but it did not get the same level of popularity as other online games from Rockstar Games like “Grand Theft Auto Online.”

It appears that this streak will continue, especially after gamers clamored to instead hear news about “GTA VI” despite Rockstar Games unveiling a brand-new Halloween outfit for “Red Dead Online.” 

This week, Rockstar Games, the developer of “Red Dead Online,” announced on X a new Halloween-inspired outfit for the game. 

“This month’s devilish and dapper Red Dead Online community-inspired outfit comes from YouTuber @BoganBav,” the official account of Rockstar Games wrote. “Traverse the map in a sinister style by claiming these items from participating Tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue…” 

Unfortunately, not all gamers are happy about what Rockstar Games unveiled. Instead, they want “GTA VI” news. 

“WHERE’S THE GTA VI ANNOUNCEMENT??” netizen @YTikrid commented.

Meanwhile, another netizen @DC37 noted that “if X had a dislike button,” tweets from Rockstar Games “would be full of them.”

“This ain’t GTA 6 lil bro,” @GTA6Plus said. @GTA6Plus posts news, rumors, and leaks about the upcoming “GTA VI” game. 

Well, you couldn’t blame these people as they previously heard that “GTA VI” is being unveiled this month, but still, no official major update has been released about this game until now. 

Also, some gamers went further – but a bit too far – by saying that the photo of the new “Red Dead Online” Halloween outfit has hints about “GTA VI.”

From the image of the fire behind the man wearing the outfit, they tried to make out “VI” from the fire’s shape.

Some also said the 26 skulls in the photo hinted that “GTA VI” may probably be launched on the 26th of October. 

Furthermore, late last year, a footage believed to be legitimate leaked, prompting fans to conclude that the game is in development.  

But the fact remains that Rockstar Games is apparently delaying the release of “GTA VI.” What happened, Rockstar Games?

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