The value of email marketing, yes, you heard it right, email marketing, can be out in a few simple words. It is, ‘email marketing is the king of the digital marketing realm.’ This is not just a statement but a proven fact. Several types of research were conducted by experts, and it is found that:

  • Email marketing provides an ROI as high as 3800% and
  • It directs all prospective leads through the sales funnel.

This means that you get $38 in return for every dollar spent. The simple reason behind it is that emails encourage existing consumers to spend more time and interact with your brand.

You can enhance the power of email marketing significantly when you use Instagram along with it. In fact, researchers have found that most of the marketers agree to the fact that they get more traction in the online marketing space when they integrate email marketing with Instagram.

  • This is an effort that pays them rich dividends, even more than content marketing or Pay-Per-Click ads.
  • This effort also helps them to achieve their social media marketing goals more easily, such as building awareness and trust among followers.

Most of the successful brands and marketers like Gramista possess a holistic view of email marketing combined with Instagram. This is because it helps them:

  • To provide an incredible customer experience
  • To establish a seamless connection with them
  • To assimilate new initiatives and
  • To promote and run different campaigns.

In short, it eliminates the limitations and challenges in digital marketing, thereby eliminating the frustrations of the marketing team.

Role of influencers

When it comes to integrating email marketing with Instagram, the role of the influencers in it cannot be overlooked. In fact, you should work with them to gain better email marketing results. This is because:

  • They will provide you and your brand with an incredible opportunity to get in touch with customers through their voices, which they trust most.
  • They will also enhance the power of your email campaigns and newsletters with their high-quality content that may include professional imagery.
  • They will help you to react to the product trends more easily and promptly without needing to take the help of your own photography team.
  • They will enable you to localize your content even in the counter-seasonal markets with their professional and fruitful advocacy.

Putting simply, the influencers will make your email marketing efforts more effective with their incredible ability to inspire the audience.

Working with the influencers will also help you to achieve:

  • Higher open rates
  • More revenues from the EDMs and
  • More clicks.

Therefore, if you want to uplift your email revenue, partner with one or a couple of influencers rather than limiting your marketing efforts to using stock photos or in-house photography.

Ways to work with influencers

You will need to follow specific ways to work with the influencers to get a better response from the Instagram followers and better your email marketing.

For that, first, you will need to know the types of influencers you may partner with. Ideally, there are three main types of influencers, each different from the other in terms of follower count. These are:

  • Micro-influencers with less than 10,000 followers
  • Power middle influencers with a follower count ranging between 10,000 and 250,000 and
  • Macro influencers who are like celebrities having more than 250,000 followers.

When you find the right type of influencer to work with, follow these steps to make your collaboration much more effective.

  • Incorporate customer ratings and product reviews in your campaign because people are fond of crowdsourcing opinions and make their buying decisions based on it in most of the cases.
  • If you are working with micro-influencers, then find one who can be peers with your target audience, making the best use of their more genuine and stronger engagement.
  • Let the influencers to tell their stories and share opinions in their own words to ensure a personal touch and increase authenticity and support for your brand.

Lastly, highlight your collaborations with your influencers, being more creative, and capitalizing on it.

Useful email templates

There are a few useful and effective email templates you can use to increase the outreach of your emails and get a better response from your targeted audience. When you use these outreach email templates, you can send mass email messages to all those prospective leads that are listed in the outreach campaign. Make sure that the messages explain the primary purpose of your outreach. It could be anything like:

  • Getting a backlink
  • A guest post or
  • A product review.

Also, make sure that the messages are concise, clear, persuasive, and relevant to your brand to make them more useful.

The approaches to follow and different templates to use for that matter include:

  • The ‘start a relationship” template
  • The ‘sneak peek’ template
  • The ‘beta test’ template
  • The ‘would love your opinion’ template
  • The ‘expert roundup’ template
  • The ‘we featured you’ template
  • The ‘free sample’ template
  • The ‘event invitation’ template
  • The ‘affiliate marketing’ template and
  • The ‘follow-up’ template.

Whichever you use, make sure that it is tailored to your brand and the offer, as well as the specific influencer that you are pitching.

Creating perfect email

You will need to follow these tips to create a perfect outreach email template for the influencers.

  • Identify the exact influencers
  • Find the most suitable template and
  • Know what to say and write in your email.

To establish a better connection, focus on the relevance, reach, and engagement factors. Also, never forget to send a follow-up email to make an immediate and direct approach.

Writing a follow-up email

Getting no response from the influencer is normal. You will have to send a follow-up email in such situations. It should be well written and constructed using the right format.

It should have:

  • A subject line
  • Context
  • Proof
  • Added value and
  • A CTA

You must be confident while asking and requesting and emphasize the benefits of your product for the influencers. This will not only make your collaboration more powerful but will also enable you to have more material to include in your emails.

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