Romanian passport. Union Permits support in obtaining EU docs

Union Permits – a law company offering legal support in obtaining a Romanian passport. As pointed out in the reviews, the main reasons for contacting this organization are the full support at every stage of the application process and the remote format of the service provision. specialists guide clients through the official procedures for acquiring Romanian documents. They also handle the formalities of the immigration procedures without the customer’s involvement. Based on reviews, in the vast majority of cases, clients avoid the need to visit Romania to complete the official process of receiving a passport.

Union Permits services include:

  • Consulting in text format or by phone;
  • Checking eligibility to obtain a European passport under simplified procedures;
  • Preparation of a competent immigration plan;
  • Assistance with documentation;
  • Participation in the communication with the authorities;
  • Accompaniment on visits to the Romanian Ministry of Justice and consulates.

Application process with Union Permits experts

Many attempt to acquire a Romanian passport via repatriation without the guidance of immigration lawyers. Judging from their reviews, this involves extensive self-education in the legislation and considerable experience in document management. Unprepared people commit mistakes, resulting in failure of the immigration process and even deportation.

Union Permits aims to reduce the risks of such incidents and simplifies the Romanian passport application process. Cooperation with its experts is organized in the following way:

  1. Initial consultation. During this procedure, specialists give all the relevant information about the application for a Romanian passport by repatriation. They explain the whole process in a detailed and accessible way, answering any relevant questions.
  2. Document preparation. Union Permits lawyers guide on the correct documentation list to be collected. The specialists then check them, translate into Romanian, produce copies and provide notarization. The process of completing the documentation takes up to one month, according to reviews.
  3. Submission of the application to the Ministry of Justice in Bucharest. Union Permits representatives in Romania handle this process individually or accompany the client if they choose to manage it themselves. Based on reviews, this approach saves a lot of time and effort in the application process.
  4. Waiting for the authorities’ decision. It typically takes a long time for a migrant’s case to be processed. Union Permits specialists monitor the progress of the client’s application. This process can take up to a year. This company’s clients find it advantageous to avoid overseeing the progression of the case themselves.
  5. Registering the passport after taking the oath. The client of Union Permits arrives in Bucharest at the Ministry of Justice accompanied by a personal lawyer. After swearing the oath, they receive a Romanian citizenship certificate. A specialist of Union Permits then assists in the registration of European documents including a passport. Based on reviews, obtaining all the necessary certificates to stay in EU takes up to three weeks.

Union Permits: reviews

Reviews of Union Permits can be found on many reputable sites on the Internet. This indicates that the company has numerous clients and extensive experience in the migration services market. Some of the reviews about Union Permits are provided below for your convenience. They provide a useful insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s support and the competence of its experts.

Review from Ahlam Muburak (34 y.o., UAE): “With Union Permits I managed to get a Romanian passport in 14 months. I am very happy, but it could have gone faster. The lawyers initially estimated that it would take 12 months to obtain citizenship through repatriation. Nevertheless, I got a positive result, and I am very happy. Thanks to specialists, I’m glad I chose them!”

Review from Rami Sarhan (39 y.o., Egypt): “I am grateful to Union Permits for the quality of their support. I had decided to relocate my Internet business to Europe and the company helped me immensely. I give a positive review because I was barely involved in the bureaucratic processes of the application for the Romanian passport. Union Permits lawyers handled the paperwork, both the preparation and the submission. All services were provided according to the agreement, true professionals in repatriation.”

Review from Nasser Mansour (28 y.o., Egypt): “I give five stars for the quality of their legal services. For communication I rate them four. While waiting for the decision of the authorities, I received news about my case once a fortnight. The lawyer should have called more often. Besides that, the remote support helped me very good.”

Review from Ali Husain Mirza (42 y.o., UAE): “Moved to Romania in 12 months as planned, Union Permits lawyers are great. They deserve a good review from me. The support at the Ministry of Justice was particularly good. The lawyer helped me to communicate with the officials and also to register my Romanian passport. I didn’t worry about the visits to Bucharest at all, everything went swiftly.”

According to Union Permits reviews, clients receive positive results and easily obtain a Romanian passport. However, there are some disadvantages to working with this organization. According to reviews, the processing time may take longer than expected. There may also be inconveniences in remote communication. However, these drawbacks do not decrease the effectiveness of Union Permits, and all reviews are positive.

Summary according to reviews

Obtaining a Romanian passport via repatriation can be complicated for people unfamiliar with EU regulations. Union Permits has received many positive reviews and does a decent job of helping such individuals. It is highly rated on the Internet, and its remote support is beneficial for busy people. Based on the reviews and all the information above, contacting Union Permits makes obtaining a Romanian passport much easier and definitely worth it.

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