Roselia is Featured Monster For Pokemon Go February 2021 Community Day

Pokemon Go has announced that Roselia, the Thorn Pokemon, will be the featured Pokemon during February 2021’s Community Day event. These monthly events make it significantly easier to capture the Shiny forms of particular Pokemon, and early February will be Roseila’s time to take the spotlight.

Pokemon Go Community Days are events held inside Pokemon Go on a monthly basis. Every event features one species of Pokemon that’s spawn rate is significantly increased making it a lot easier to find in the wild.

In addition, the best part of Community Days is that the featured Pokemon also have their Shiny rate increased. While Pokemon Go has the base Shiny probability of around 1 of 500 per encounter, Community Days increase those odds to 1 in 26 encounters. However, that is not all that Community Days have to offer to Pokemon Go players.


Pokemon Go published a new blog post earlier today unveiling the details of the Community Day event for February 2021. The event will be taking place on Sunday, February 7th, from 11 am to 5 pm. During this time, Roselia will be appearing more frequently in the wild and will have increased shiny spawn rates during the Community Day.

In addition, players will be receiving bonuses in the form of ¼ hatch distance for eggs placed into special incubators during the event and Incenses will last for 3 hours rather than the usual one hour. Roselia that will evolve during the Community Day, and up to two hours afterward, will become Roserade with Bullet Seed and Weather Ball.

There are also a few paid rewards that players can avail which will give them exclusive items. Players will be able to buy a one-time Roselia Community Day box for 1280 Pokecoins which contains an Elite Fast TM, 30 Ultra Balls, four Super Incubators, and four incenses.


An exclusive Roselia Community Day Special Research storyline can also be availed for $1. The details behind the Roselia Special Research will be unveiled at a later date. However, the research is free to those who have bought a Pokemon Go Kanto Tour event ticket.

A lot of fans look frustrated in Pokemon Go’s decision to feature Roselia as February 2021’s Community Day. In a now-deleted footnote, Pokemon Go mentioned that it has heard the feedback of which Pokemon it chooses to highlight during these Community Day events, but some fans feel as if the selection of Roselia goes against those claims.

However, there are a lot of trainers who are hyped to finally get an opportunity to capture a Shiny Roselia without having to undergo a hundred and hundreds of encounters.

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